Point form #3

1. It started snowing today, a whole half month earlier than last year. I wasn’t amused then, I’m not amused now. But! I still prefer this to the heat in Singapore. And in a moment of inspired air-headedness, winter clothes are just so much trendier than summer clothes.
2. I want somebody to dance with me to the second mvt of Schoenfield’s Cafe Music. It’s not a very rhythmic, dance-like piece but it sounds so beautiful, so yearning, so wistful. Plenty of opportunities for meaningful pauses and staring into someone else’s eyes.

3. I spent fall break in the country at Chris’s place at a girly sleepover :) We were going to have a Hugh Grant marathon only Justine got quite sick of him after Mickey Blue Eyes (D:) and we watched Arthur and The Terminal instead, both excellent movies in themselves. Had our Asian cookout, Justine and I made chap choi and claypot rice and sambal prawns for the scribers which I thought turned out rather well (considering all the spices were from premixed satchets). grandma scriber was telling her friends about us and our cooking and she said “Chris’s got these children over, from I don’t know, Haiti someplace” and Justine and I burst out laughing. Do we look like we’re from Haiti?

I guess you can see the resemblance. If you stare really hard. like one of those magic eye things. Maybe if i went and got me one of those awesome hats.
Baked a tonne of things and ate all of ‘em ourselves (brought some to sunday school to share, of course, we aren’t complete gluttons). And had dolci frutta! (which doesn’t make any grammatical sense in italian) it’s this box of chocolate buttons you shove in the microwave and it emerges as a fondue you dip fruit/pretzels in and it hardens to form a chocolate shell over just about everything. including fingers.
4. Was fish-sitting for Lauren while she gadded about the adirondacks. mikia was so placid! i wonder where i can buy an affectionate fish.
5. Why am i such a noob at bridge? i’m not really improving, and i don’t think i provide particularly interesting gameplay for the bridge clubbers. plus i have to keep asking for help because i haven’t the faintest clue what i’m doing and i think it’s annoying (them). i’ve become one of those coffee table scrabble players who annoy me with their inane chitchat, but for bridge. well i mean i don’t say stupid sociable things like “the weather today was lovely wasn’t it?” but i ask about relevant things like bids and conventions etc. they say they don’t mind but i feel bad for not being able to y’know.. be a challenge. haha. weixun says i shld get private tuition from jingyee but i think he’s too busy with all his lab reports etc. to have time for me. gah.
6. that reminds me. the last game with my daughter before i flew off the v. next day. i was v. proud of my ‘anodynes’ bingo, particularly because i was in an emily dickinson phase then and we all know which poem that comes with. (well if you don’t, i’ve nothing to say except it’s too bad you’re not of the race that knows Joseph.) She’s also improved from her cat-dog words to snatch >300 points! well done!
Grace board 5
i know it’s not a particularly impressive board in itself but keep in mind i hadn’t played in a year coz there’s no one to scrabble with me here.

7. Last friday had the Best Crossword Clue Ever: Stern with a bow! So much boat imagery! and it turns out to be ISAAC. (obviously.) The weekday crossword quality has been pretty high for the past 2 weeks or so and I’ve been really impressed with the themes. This fetish is however going to make me fail all my classes as i ponder over a four letter word for the state bird of minnesota (LOON) or what a drizzly day chapeau is (RAINHAT) while frohmader explains the inner workings of symmetric chains or while monroe talks about the intricacies of the kyrenia wreck hull which i will need to know for the midterm next week.
8. I am going to be an egyptian princess. have got my garb, just have to figure out how mascara works (it is surprisingly complex) and how to use the stupid bourjois eyeliner i’ve got. well maybe after then i’ll actually know how to use it and not have it sit on my table looking prettily unused.



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