I am a fermion!

so mingsee and i were talking about criteria for beaux, that would qualify one for a long term relationship, and decided that it was important to have a list of movies that he must like, (as nick hornby says, it’s not what you are like as much as what you like), since the greater part of our married lives would undoubtedly be spent supine on the couch watching dvds :d well if our friendship is any indication of what we would devolve into be like after marriage (and i think it is a rather good gauge), our boyfriends must have the same taste in movies as us.

here’s my list of movies that the boy in question should like. it doesn’t matter if he hasn’t seen them before (okay i lie, it matters but only a little bit.) he should at least like them after i’ve forced him to see them.
1. The Page Turner
2. About a boy
3. Les choristes
4. Kolja
5. The History Boys
6. The Spanish Apartment (and its sequel)
7. Totoro (or an equivalent studio ghibli production)
8. La vita è bella
9. Love Actually
10. Pan’s Labyrinth

I tried to be unbiased and put in movies that were inherently good and not just fun because of the cute thespians in it, which everyone knows is my primary criterion for liking a movie :P my latest obsession is gad elmaleh after i saw him in hors de prix and subsequently in la doublure (which i got my school library to buy for their collection :D)
also, i didn't just spam the list with rom coms, which are another pet favourite of mine because of their utter brainlessness. like i didn't put p&p in because i know it would be too.. long and draggy and romantic for most male tastes.



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