Notes from abroad

Decided to do a picture post! On my returns from the mailman for the past year or so.

One of Derrick’s lovely sonnets.

His script.. is better than all my female correspondence combined. Well maybe except xing yan. but look at that!

even the address is written so beautifully. i am ashamed.

here’s a letter gareth typed for me from the typewriter in the NY public library! it was word perfect too i’ve got to go try that typewriter one day. or invest in one myself and type all my correspondence. he also enclosed a dvd of Paris knowing i was a fan of romain duris.

a(n unintentionally) fanged origami fox i received from becks today. someone’s taking japanese origami lessons~

this is one is in here purely because of its adorability. hanchen was valiantly trying to draw a flower to decorate his envelope. it’s just funny thinking of a huge manly guy drawing this little flowerlet, and failing and erasing it at least 5 times before he thought it looked alright.

here’s a picture mildred (my ex bible study student) drew for me of the view from her flat in bedok. it’s so high up you can see the sea on the east coast of singapore. she’s a very talented artist and i frequently coerced asked her nicely to draw for me when i was giving her bible study. i’ve recently got my drawing charcoal and hemp paper from A.C. moore so i’ll be able to draw something pretty back soon! perhaps over fall break.

one of caroline’s letters, written on mickey mouse paper. she crossed mickey out because “why would anyone put giant pictures in the middle of a letter?” oh i miss the dope. sent her a “i’m not slacking my code is compiling” xkcd shirt so she’d level up and be part of the cool gang at school, instead of being part of the rejects like we always were :D

here’s a picture of mario (completely with furry mustache!) kevin sent me.

he also sent me some of his photos because i sent his sister (tracy) some of the pictures i took of ithaca and he thought my angles were great and so sent me some of his angles to look at. well he actually studies photography at school and i thought these were quite thoughtfully taken.

hehe sonya’s accordion of banana paper.

the birthday card she sent me. and..

here’s the inscription.

i tried to explain to her what my math research was about once and drew her a diagram of the loewner differential equation crashing into the reals and she sent me a bit of what she was studying. something exciting about graphene, no doubt.

the emergency chocolate she sent over christmas. in case of heartbreak, exam pressure, and inconvenient cravings.

zheng yuan’s pretty japanese stationery. i shld get a boyfriend from japan just to get the stationery gah.

the bear zheng yuan sent me from harrods for my birthday.

now bonjela has a friend!

ming wei’s origami. i love the little seal, and the little whale, and the little dolphin – it’s amazing what she can do with those stubby little fingers :d

okay the rest are unrelated photos but things i wanted to put up anyway.

here’s an example of an ossia. it came up in the crossword we were doing on saturday and i didn’t know it! the clue was “easier version, as in music scores” and we had the __SI_ which made me think ‘basic’. i can’t believe i didn’t get it until we’d completed the entire crossword. so anyway an ossia is like an alternative, easier part you can opt to perform in place of the more difficult one. the example i found here was in Fauré’s pavane, op. 50 which in my opinion is probably more difficult than the original, because the voice now weaves between the RH and the LH.

and because i always show my battle scars, here’s a picture of my bruised right thumb which got slammed in a door. it hurts to play the piano now but that’s no excuse not to practise. when gareth came he was horrified at the length of my nails and their implication of my laziness. well i’ve never denied it, but still. just have to hold off on my downward glissandi. another interesting fact: upward glissandi (i.e. sliding from the lower registers to the higher registers of the keyboard) uses the back of the 4 RH fingers. downward glissandi uses the RH thumb. there’re a crap lot of them in the piano transcription of west side story that veronica and i performed, and i totally bled all over the mep room grand the weeks leading up to our concert. what happens is the skin right above the nail gets scraped off, especially if you’re a noob like me. once that skin hardens after your virgin glissando experience it shldn’t be so bad.


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