Supposedly doing analysis homework

Went to appel with my 5 postal slips and the staff there took a look at my ID and said.. “oh.. so YOU’RE the one..”
i seem to have acquired a bit of a reputation as the riskid with a slight amazon fetish.
did i say slight? i meant account-crushing, debt-inducing amazon fetish. but Mickey blue eyes and Four weddings and How to be good and The Very Dizzy Dinosaur and Number 10 arrived today!

come i tossicodipendenti, i cleptomani, i piromani, sono in balia di una forza che mi supera, fuori controllo.. ma in realtà voglio tutti, non è una propria malattia, e non sono ancora arrivata a contrarre debiti che non riesco a pagare.. perché tutti sono seconda mano HAHAHA hopefully no one who comes here understands italian or they’ll cry bloody murder.

we have to have another movie night!
although i don’t think he’s likely to want to repeat that again given the scary movie i brought the last time haha. it wasn’t even scary at all! la tourneuse de pages? come on. but then i am an extremely disturbed person, as mr. gooi would tell you. well i am a product of his education, so can you blame me? i still remember all those late night movies at his house with darling david lynch and his eraserhead.



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