i love italian class. the things we talk about in italian are so happy and so anxiety-free. how perfectly lovely to have one hour of the day where your biggest worry is verb conjugation or whether a word is male or female.

today i drew a sushi on my knee, just to see how difficult it would be. it isn’t really that different from drawing a cylinder but i put some raw tuna on top of it. it washed off in the bath though i need more permanent pens.

today was also the first time i went to forum in a long long while (couldn’t in the spring because of my physics of music class). the HUGE music-geek-conversational void in my life was finally filled! listening to the professors/grad students dis(cus)sing the pieces/composers/performers was orgasmic. although i must say senor sierra seems to be getting a tad mellow. well i guess it comes from being 53. and i learnt lots. not technically, but more big-pictorially. why we write, how we should write, who we write for.

the clam chowder at the statler is rather good. had it for brunch today since forum was right after CS and there was no time to have lunch.

sam and i did an all-rachmaninoff concert today and it was awesome. we duetted his melodie and vocalise, and i really liked melodie! mainly because my part was super easy (i suppose apart from the 2 over 3 rhythms but that is hardly as bad as sam’s part he had to keep darting around me my main job was to be as compressed/out-of-the-way as possible) should have done rach’s rhapsody on a theme of paganini but i think i’ve forgotten how to do that one since i played it as a competition piece. and someone shld score the rach 2 for chimes. there were loads of appreciative visitors too!

someone on west campus emailed our listserv asking us if we could change the time of the morning concert (from 7.45am to sometime later) coz “she and her friends were getting woken up every morning and putting their pillows around their heads didn’t help” and ryan replied that we couldn’t and fwded it to all of us coz he thought we might find it funny. we did.

the eleven o’ clock bells!


Un pensiero su “Schadenfreude


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