doing the monday crossword is so ego-boosting! i did all of it without any help! google or otherwise. got thrown off a bit by 38-across “Very brief briefs” which the super innocent me interpreted TH___S to be THESES as in thesis statements but turned out to be THONGS, with the N from a four letter 32-down “Wilder or Hackman” which was obviously GENE.

other important news. my C instructor is so hot!! (there was a stand-in last friday) i think even hotter than the tango one because he is such a geek. i guess ultimately i still prefer geek-loser-hotness to dancer-athletic-hotness i wonder why they are so mutually exclusive nowadays.
“We will use VIM for our text editor. Some of you will prefer to use emacs, and that is quite alright. You will find many debates online about the best text editor and there is a particularly interesting podcast by the university of Alberta in Canada arguing over VIM versus emacs. That is one of the most exciting videos on the debacle and you can google it, especially if you want to waste oh, about 26 minutes of your life.”
“As is usual, the first programme we will write in C is the Hello World programme. There can be many variations in the way you write this programme. Some people like to put an exclamation mark at the end, as in “Hello world!” some people write it without the exclamation mark, some like to put a comma behind ‘hello’.. as you see, writing in C can be quite… (coyly) spicy.”
How cute is that?? And he stays at valentine place! D: WHY did i choose to live on north campus??? maybe i’ll take his C# class in the spring haha i’m such a stalker but grad students ftw!

first sociology lecture today. he showed us this brilliant WSJ article on the best jobs ever and guess who’s right up there? that’s right, mathematicians. sociologists are 8th and physicists are 13th. piano tuners are 76th, so i guess i’ll do that for retirement or something. the lecture was interesting and all but i still think of it as a non-discipline, because randall munroe says so and we all know that he is the leading authority in everything.

after some massive unpacking ami and i have uncovered mao!
here he is looking benevolently over our meditation turret.


Un pensiero su “Hussam


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