Ne me quitte pas

you, pretending everything is okay to me.
me, pretending everything is okay to him.
everyone’s pretending but nobody knows why.
you act like everything’s okay, but you don’t know how difficult it is for me to forgive you and how i still can’t, not quite. you screwed up bad, and make out as though nothing happened, but you don’t know how much i hate these social settings where you talk to me and i have to be polite and respond to you because everyone else’s there and i can’t just snap into two at you. unworthy, you are so unworthy.

i am here to study, not to engage in these worthless thoughts.
here are some interesting things i’ve found.
1. cool site for italian pick-up lines, based on location like how you would pick up a girl at the beach, or how you would pick up a girl at a bar. :D
2. where tiff stays. it’s a Top Sekret location! but she showed me cause i’m special. we had dinner and ice cream at CTB and she let me ride her bike and now i want one of my own and it was so lovely seeing her again. Support her for Ride For Life! she’s gonna bike around cayuga lake (O.o) to raise money for an AIDS programme. and the circumference is like 100 miles long! i have such athletic friends to make up for myself.
3. eric was looking for a sewing kit cause he had a tear in his trouser pocket and kind of desperately needed to sew it up so he’d have pants to wear. i told him “you can rewear your clothes you know, especially in this dry weather” and he said “yah i know. i already wear one pair of trousers per week. even in ri i used to re-wear my uniform.” O_O i guess there are certain things you don’t have to teach boys.
4. lunch with ze and sindy in the commons today. we went to this bar whose name i can’t remember (the row of american bars opposite sushi.sake and jade garden and all the fake exotic cuisines) and had orange cream sodas! in frozen glasses! that was awesome. and i got evangelised to by some woman at the bus stop lol. she gave me a tract that said quite freakily: SMILE. Jesus loves you. and inside was…
If your best friend knocked at the door of your house, what would you say to him?


lol. it was so scary! like the tiny booklet was trying to imitate the voice of God or something. lz was reading the caps part out in this deep rumbly voice to our great amusement. he had to practise that voice anyway since he’s auditioning for the bass section of the glee club! which sounds really awesome i heard him sing the bass part at church and he was not bad! shld join the church choir and be an aunty 杀手 like henry.


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