Bite sized

just once i would like to wake up and not have my hair look like a beatle.
i suppose if i didn’t sleep with wet hair it wouldn’t stick up in these peaks and horns. but still! this is preposterous it never used to do that at the most it would have been one tuft like a duckling’s bottom. i could walk into malott and pwn all the boy math majors (and professors) in who has the most luxurious bed head.

hehehe last friday’s xkcd comic is wickeddd. check out those shades. i just got my hoodie and carol’s birthday present from that store. and none of my textbooks have arrived yet if the professors upload problem sets on blackboard i won’t be able to do anything! and apparently there are already readings for tmr’s jewish studies class and i haven’t even bought the textbook. gah. GAH. school’s starting :(

also, my appetite has died a rather sudden death after barely eating anything on the flight. the food on the plane wasn’t bad (not that i would know), i just wasn’t hungry, and would have puked it all up at some point anyway. i couldn’t even finish a half sub from louie’s! i used to be able to polish off one of those buggers AND have space to spare! is this age?? if it is i don’t like it much.

my first class was cancelled (analysis) because the professor was busy gadding about in siberia, so that went well. it seems only harry and jorge are left from the math 223 gang in honors analysis. apparently there is no final exam, just two prelims and one homework that counts as a test (does that mean the rest of the homework doesn’t count? :D) which works out great.

combinatorics seems fun, the prof was pretty young and pretty nice about everything. the class was really tiny but i knew a bunch of people in it already either from home or from the chimes. wei xun couldn’t read some of frohmader’s definitions but i gotta say this dude’s script is a huge improvement from hubbard’s (not that that is difficult :P). we’re starting with graph theory which i have some foundation in so i shall just drift along for now. i’m sure it’ll rapidly get more challenging and evolve to its 400-level listing.

the jewish studies class was also pretty cool (cool people, cool lecturer) so i think i’m gonna keep it. well i’ve just bought the textbook which cost $145 so it’s unlikely that i’m going to drop it. in the first lesson we were told to find a way to sail off an island on which we were shipwrecked and to consider how to transport people and sustenance off the island because the course is on nautical archaeology. all the boys in my group immediately conceived the brilliant idea of using everyone’s clothes to make a sail for a raft and the lecturer was appropriately impressed by their pervyness resourcefulness. got to love boats! i want to buy/hijack a catamaran off the australian coast some day. maybe after i become a dealer at the IR i will become a seafarer. so many things to do, so little time!

i got up at 8am today (still jet lagged) to have breakfast (no time for lunch on tues and thurs) and to finally get down to the cornell daily sun crossword. was stumped for a lot of it since it’s a thursday crossword but after some rapid googling for all the authors/actresses/tony award winners things became more clear. doing crosswords in an actual newspaper is just more fun! i particularly enjoyed the 12-letter long 8-down, which was quite a feat in crossword creation.

oh and my dear roommate got back from india last night. she barged into the room and sniffed me and said “you smell the same!” rather disappointedly. so did she, having not washed for one and a half days on the plane. i quickly ushered her to the bathroom and put on the febreze. i suppose it’s nice to have her back.

I played Happy Birthday for wang on the chimes yesterday. as well as I want to hold your hand by the Beatles. and of course, The Scientist. sindri came for the concert and it went pretty well, even by my standards- maybe 98% accuracy and a lovely repertoire. shall find out when my regular concerts are tonight!

offerdahl swung by my room ytd to pass me a bunch of books from home which i shall embark on after the stephen clarke. she’s got a The Onion umbrella! I have yet to plan my trip to Lake Tahoe to try her mum’s cooking (and i suppose to see the lake and all that jazz). she got a labour law course this sem which was when i realised she is intending to be a lawyer. i was stunned. justice offerdahl! that is awesome i think she’d make a smashing, very just lawyer. she picked eleanor rigby off my bookshelf and i shared one of mcgough’s poems with her- this is Two Haiku
only trouble with
Japanese haiku is that
You write one, and then

only seventeen
syllables later, you want
to write another

i’m still so confused. why do you have to be so perfect? things are proving right now. breathing, recovering from revelations, or perhaps reeling from them.


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