hehe i was out with the frosh tonight and rode on their orientation week activities which made me feel.. old. like i’ve been there done that and am all out of youthfulness. they were all so excited and fresh and twitchy and oh-so cute! asked a million questions and when i took them up the clocktower they immediately proceeded to destroy everything in their path lol. we left it in a semblance of normalcy so it’s all good, just that the next person who wants to change the clock face colour for like halloween or saint pats might find some doors.. unhinged. hehe.

i was originally going to pass my dsta junior my CS notes plus the math soln manual (it’s strange to think of him as a junior when he’s actually one yr older than me) and it turned out all these freshmen guys were having an instant noodle party at bauer and he invited me to crash so i did. well you know me, free food, and instant noodles are a scarce commodity up here in no man’s land. anyway i was only gonna eat by myself (hehe as usual) after that it’s not like i had big plans. they were watching some weird reality tv programme where shaq tried on different sports to prove that he is a world class, all rounded athlete and not just an awesome bballer and i felt so manly sitting there chomping my grub and listening to all the sporty talk and pretending to know what’s going on. in my defence i did know of shaq beforehand and have actually seen him play! with the lakers, cause the lakers were always bullying the 76ers. and i still haven’t found out why the 76ers are called the 76ers it’s a popular number in philly i think it might have something to do with the routes that go to philly.

and then dinner turned to cards, and there were 6 of us so the games we could play were rather limited. i asked them where the girls were and they said they didn’t invite them -_- i guess the girls and guys are still relatively distant given it is only the first week and cornell just isn’t the ‘swooping’ sort of school. haha. also the fact that they’re almost invariably gep might contribute a little to the lack of swooping lol. we decided to trip off to the museum (some things are just better at night) and did the scavenger hunt the Johnson organised for tonight’s event to acquaint us better with the permanent exhibits and i must admit i know a lot more now than when i first started out. bumped into some singaporean girl freshies there (gosh is going to a museum on a tuesday night a singaporean thing?? i suppose ithaca has limited options) and then we all went to the ice cream social, y’know the one where they serve your batch flavour (i asked all of them what it was but none of them knew.. some chocolate+random things inside confection) come to think of it i don’t know what my batch flavour is either although i distinctly remember being there at that part of ezra fest with the crap band. their band played Modest Mouse’s Float On from their Good News For People Who Love Bad News album! and i was so excited i told liang ze it was one of the songs i really liked and he was shocked that i knew pop music. haha awesome street cred, yo. i actually don’t. i only know that song cause “I backed my car into a cop car the other day” was one of the cornellians’ fb status and i looked it up cause i thought she really backed her car into a cop car and i am just noob that way.

we all loitered ard a bit and finally decided to go up the clocktower just because i can get ‘em in and singapore is so repressed that doing anything vaguely illegal/exclusive makes people excited. lol. ithaca looks really different at night. like there are tall buildings, because there were tall lights, when i thought there was just a lake right there, and i don’t remember any tall buildings. we are going to investigate this further in the day. the map on the iphone didn’t assist us much since obviously there are no satellite produced images of ithaca (do satellites even look at ithaca? i bet they just skirt around it) so we couldn’t figure out what all the lights were. showed them the bells and the practice stand and the database etc. and they were all really intrigued, which i was quite surprised by. i mean i am interested in the chimes but most of my interests are not universal nor shared by many people. even when i introduced myself to the girls they were like “oh is she the chimes girl?” which was hilarious. will be playing at noon tmr and if you bother to come i might do Coldplay’s Scientist, which ryan’s arranged and i tried today and it’s quite good.

anyway i’m really glad i met them. they seem like rather weirdunique people. here’s why.
1. four of them bought bikes not asking/thinking about the lolling hills/6 month winter in cornell that makes biking super difficult and unfeasible. AND they subsequently biked those up from collegetown to north campus and had cramps/blisters the whole day. it’s like they live in a parallel universe where it’s cambridge or amsterdam or paris with the vélib (cool information from stephen clarke’s Dial M for Merde which i got the cornell library to buy for me over the summer) and where land is actually flat.
2. even though they are all on meal plans and have lots of meals left (the meal cycle ends tomorrow night!) they decided not to have dinner in the dining hall today and have their instant noodle party.

i kind of love the way they don’t really care what other people think of them. like they’d sit around and be sad if the mood so took hold of them. or be annoying, or be lame (esp. liang ze of the “if i say ‘two threes’ in bluff and put down a six is that considered bluffing?”), or be shameless (i.e. going to the christian fellowship fair and koping all the free food) or anything. they are just ‘them’, and they expect you to deal with that. and that’s amazing, isn’t it?


Un pensiero su “Moondance

  1. wow, it’s kinda weird to think that there are singaporeans YOUNGER than me at cornell now! dang. crap. i am so old. don’t wanna go back ;__;
    they seem nice – your kinda people? haha. you are so nice to your junior


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