Both Sides Now

so the new semester started off with me playing the funeral march on the chimes. an alumnus in the audience asked me what song it was and commented that it was v. apt. also played the siege of madrigal for derrick and both sides now for zhaohan. might upload those on youtube sometime if i ever get around to it.

every piece was rife with errors! that’s what i get for practising 15 minutes before going up. the bells were uncooperative and so was the chimesmaster. well it’ll get better! met sam just outside the tower when i was leaving and he told me to pract the bass part for rach’s vocalise so we can duet tgt sometime. yay i love the vocalise but nt sure what this arrangement is like. the fridge in the bell tower is mouldy! i hope someone cleans it up cause i got goma mochi for the chimesmasters! i suppose we could have it for after dessert at the chimes dinner this thurs.

so i am all moved in with the help of all my lovely hunks and the one chica. they all pitched in either because of my 无限的魅力 or my shamelessness in asking and i like to think it’s the former. this year in risley ought to be interesting, what with all the cool people on the 4th floor (kerry, tom, me..) lots of people stayed here actually – doug moved upstairs, some people moved down the corridor, the jammies moved in, haley moved in, (so) charles moved in, and the-guy-at-the-end-of-the-corridor is still the-guy-at-the-end-of-the-corridor :) tiff moved out though, and mathis retired, so we are bereft.

thanks for taking such good care of me, all through the travelling and even after that. the flight, and the leaving, and the airsickness, and the homesickness were so much easier to bear just because you were there. i’m sorry i can’t do the same for you. as it is i’m not doing a very good job of taking care of your heart. you asked if i was scared of you- i’m not. you’re one of the few people i trust implicitly not to hurt me. but i am scared of disappointing you, i’m scared of not being able to be who you want me to be. things didn’t use to be this complicated, and now i am undone.


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