Mystery Case Files

NB: This post contains lots of pictures because i am too lazy to write much.

ming see and i went to lower peirce yesterday (the place where LYFE held their nature trail thingum) for a picnic.

Picnic basket
see the roger mcgough? and the 茶叶蛋 we cooked the previous night. the bakerzinn paper bag contains two of my mum’s famous shepherd’s pies and the tupperware at the bottom contains our cocktails

tada. the simplest food we could prepare in 15 minutes

after stuffing our faces we decided to go on the boardwalk and spotted a bunch of wildlife! i was rather indiscriminately snapping photos of everything and ended up with a bunch of pictures that didn’t look like anything. so this will be a bit like finding wally see if you can see the animals in the next few pics!

Some fly
some fly.

Some bird
some bird.


Lesser mousedeer 1
the lesser mousedeer.

Common flying lizard
common flying lizard. look at it flexing its gills!.

Monitor lizard
monitor lizard

sleeping python

King cobra
King cobra

Could you find them all? Isn’t it amazing how much you can see at one of the lesser reservoirs in singapore? there were all these old people doing taichi around the park while mingsee and i lazed around on our picnic mat abstractly drawing the scenery. In year one we were sending desiccated food crumbs to each other to guess what food the crumbs originated from (my brilliant/disgusting idea, obviously) and this year we’ve cut up our drawing block sketches into 9 postcard sized pieces and will mail them to each other to obtain the original picture.

p.s. only kidding about the king cobra that was one of the photos i took supposedly of some cool endangered reptile but turned out to be just random foliage HOW MANY OF YOU WERE FOOLED??


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