aurghhh i just bought like six things off amazon and only two of them are sch-related. the rest are random books or dvds that are the result of 3 months of repressed online shopping! so begins the amazon binge-ing i need self-discipline! but i would like to collect a bunch of books/media mail from appel when i get back next monday. as if ami and i don’t have enough stuff. she was doing summer research at cornell and told me that the stuff we dumped in the english professor’s basement has procreated like bunnies and given birth to stufflings of their own and im gonna have to cart it all back by myself coz ami’s flying back later in the week T-T need some man muscle to help me move in but i’ve got no man friends i am comfortable imposing on gah and the only one i’d have considered asking for help i’ve written off sigh.
in foresight it seems wiser to invest in these long-term commodities like bizarro or pbf compilations or the odd math textbook even as compared to travelling. not that i am not going to travel. ha. will just eat less and read more!

remind me to email my program advisor about math research.
and to re-activate my postcrossing account!
and to awake my inner ragazza!

buona sera. come stai? ho molto sonno, eh. non ho usato mai italiano durante l’estate ed avevo dimenticato tutto che ho imparato.


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