This was my last time with them.. since next week i’d be at the gep reunion and then -ahem- 通宵麻将. hehe. So i was in charge of dinner and the lesson today, which was actually a bit too much to handle – i always overestimate myself. I prepared the lesson till 2 last night and didn’t even manage to complete although it proved to be too much material for today’s session anyway.

today was spent cooking for dinner. there were lots of hits and misses.
my flourless chocolate cake was burnt! my oven is rather powerful (i didn’t know) and well i left it in a bit too long. the brave uns et it up anyway.
the raspberry coulis i blended and sieved etc. was not bad. although since the cake died it didn’t really have much to accompany lol.
the lasagna was excellent. best lasagna i’ve ever eaten in my life. 5 layers, yo.
the bruschetta was pretty alright – not quite brava yet but good enough.
my mum also made pizza and yam kueh for her cell group. we were squabbling in the kitchen like a pair of housewives as i was delegating stuff for her to do (for my lasagna lol) since i hadn’t finished preparing today’s lesson and wanted to get back to reading the articles before my cell group realised the person “teaching” didn’t know nothin’ about nothin’.
she was like “hey! i have to teach later too!”
“really? you? with the one word answers for your cg homework??!”
“yah. and i haven’t prepared yet either okay.”
“well! neither have i! you can delegate the teaching part to daddy but i can’t delegate mine to anyone!”
“daddy hasn’t prepared the lesson either.”
my family is seriously a bunch of bums! we will soon be evicted from church! i wonder why people give us so many responsibilities when we are obviously.. unsuitable for such intensive service. nowadays prayer meetings on the first friday of every month last from 8:00 to 10:30pm but my mummy told me last time when my daddy was chairing the prayer mtgs they’d start at 8:00 and end super-promptly at like 9:00pm and he’d dismiss the whole church to go for supper and chitchat. Then he was told to take took a break from chairing ‘em lol.

But the lesson was good, i felt. Well james was being v. encouraging (maybe he felt bad for arrowing me to teach again ha) but i knew i was definitely empowered to be coherent, and to provoke thought. i am never that eloquent by myself, in everyday life. i have the same experience when i play the piano for the sunday service for the whole church – by myself, when i play for myself, my improv isn’t half as good as when God empowers me to do much better for His service in His congregation. and i would be able to tell since my skill level/creativity in improv vastly increases when i’m playing for the church – but only for like the grand in the auditorium, not the poxy little cabinet pianos/kurzweils elsewhere. haha maybe the piano affects my playing a bit too.

Today I also realised that leading cell group is a challenging undertaking. You have to bear in mind your audience, their background, what kind of questions they are used to answering, how you have to phrase your questions so that they will be provoked to think, which phrases or key points you have to recite more slowly and with impact so that they will remember them. I in particular have to tune my speed of talking (james told i yammered on too quickly for all the 老的 to catch me the first time round) and when i was preparing the notes i had to tune down the vocab. there are lots of ideas that can be expressed just as clearly with simple words, to achieve a greater impact than words i am used to writing with. e.g. ‘motivation’ is much clearer than ‘impetus’, ‘pleasure-seeking’ is clearer than ‘hedonistic’, etc. i guess it all boils down to sensitivity, or how much of your message you want your audience to understand and remember, without compromising its content. it doesn’t help that study bibles and commentaries are written for bible scholars, not with the layman in mind – so all the material i glean from there has to be rephrased for easy consumption and longer-lasting impact for my cell. but i really thank God for the opportunity to serve in this manner. sure, it’s tiring, and difficult, and sleep-depriving – but i’ve learnt so much, not just in terms of bible material and christian living, but also in terms of communicating to different people. i am rather sorry to leave them, and will probably not see them for quite a long while… would have liked to see more faces like joy seng or jack or valerie but i guess there is always next time.

tis a week of closing chapters.


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