Trouble abrewing

Some of the frosh (i guess we can no longer call ourselves that) went over to wx’s place for a cookout. the three of them are gonna be staying together it’s not like they won’t have ample opportunity to cook tgt back in ith. lots of scrapes, and bones in the salmon, and weird black water that cheryl somehow managed to squeeze out of the fish, and the chicken that was all stuck together. but i guess it was the company more than the food (well it had to be, considering the food), and it was nice meeting up for a bit.

the boys watched birthday girl after lunch at my place while cheryl and i had to cook again for dinner this evening. i was supposed to make shrimp alfredo for rebecca and liansi cause they were coming over in the evening, and cheryl agreed to help out. the last time i made a cream based pasta from scratch was at mr gooi’s house for piano ensemble and that wasn’t too bad. mr/mrs gooi are one of those smug-marrieds new-age couples with like five different types of pasta in their cupboard. i was doing linguine today and the sauce had far too much butter >< (how is anyone supposed to measure out half a cup of butter?!) rebecca’s honey mustard chicken was in better shape and so was liansi’s chocolate dessert thing. but mine was the staple so they had to eat it anyway. lol. poor sods.

i don’t think they liked birthday girl much – what a pity. i really liked the theme song that is somethin’ stupid, which mark sang to sophie in peepshow. the guys didn’t seem to be paying much attention to the movie though and kept wandering into the kitchen to poke around and see what we were doing. (see? what did i tell you? children.) well the other option was watching brothers, which stars won bin and a touching plot but no korean chicks so that was quickly ruled out. after jing yee left i was showing off my PAP trophy to wx and cheryl lol. it’s perched on my piano and i won it for some story telling competition in kindergarten. what happened was my form teacher really wanted me to take part cause i was her only charge who could actually enunciate. and i hated that kind of thing, getting up in front of other people and talking so i kept running away from her after class before she could pin me down and make me give the signup form to my parents. so she ambushed my parents one fine day after school when they came to pick me up and told them to make me take part in the competition. my dad and i went about this in a v. 爽快 manner and promptly negotiated an amount with which he’d bribe me ($30) and i’d acquiesce to being their show creature. wx and cheryl were dead impressed by my financial acumen at such a young age. i mean $30 is a lot for a kindergarten kid! wasn’t our allowance some minuscule amount like 50c a day? to buy paos and stuff. if 20c buys 5 sweets, $30 would buy 750 sweets! i hadn’t even told them about the time i got a fellow kindergarten classmate to bribe me so i’d let her be the group leader for a week. my kindergarten photo is pinned up in my room and i looked so innocent then i can’t believe i did all that stuff when i was all of six. talk about a blooming despot.

Dinner was interesting because my brother joined us since he was home for dinner. He was egging rebecca on all the time (sorta like gilbert blythe and miss cornelia) and rebecca was trying to be agreeable and polite and didn’t know lol. I kept shooting him glares of doom telling him to stop it but he’s sort of like me in that respect, once we’ve started making fun of someone/egging someone on we don’t stop because it is too funny. so some people get the impression we are laughing at them the whole time, which i guess we are. (what did i tell you? i shldn’t be allowed out in polite society.) but i guess he no longer has this ‘holy’ impression of church people (given the things my bible study group talked about lol), and we actually covered some pretty heavy topics for complete strangers (my brother and them). it was lovely having them to dinner. being real, and being updated on each other’s lives.

ick my fingers smell of garlic. probably won’t cook for like a week until my cg comes over and maybe i’ll do a potato gratin for them. gotta practise that so i can attempt it for gareth when he comes to visit me! james changed cell to saturday though, so i might not actually have time to do anything elaborate because tuition ends at 4pm. bah.


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