We went back to rjc today. by ‘we’ i mean xiumin and xingyan and i. but there were a bunch of other people who went back today too! how strange. i only elected to go back today because george told me he was only free to entertain us today. and he did! well he mainly talked to xiumin about uni etc. since i was studying maths he decided to erase me from memory lol and couldn’t remember where i went, which country i was in, what i am studying.. etc. and for some reason he keeps thinking i’m doing lit! because i used to correct the english in his notes. d’you know carol and i were so free in music lecture that one day we drew little red and green squiggly lines (like in microsoft word) under all the spelling/grammatical errors in his neoclassicism notes and gave them to him after class. he’s slightly disappointed? sore? that i’m not doing musicology because i am just the sort of anal-retentive meticulous person who would excel in it and he thinks it’s a waste of talent. hrm well maybe i’ll save that for a later degree. tekla (my music3202 TA) also thinks that i shld study musicology and feels bad that i am a math major. so does xak (my faculty advisor) which is why he keeps finding opportunities for me to explore compo and practical without actually majoring in music. but i’ve made up my mind! math is challenging. i shldn’t be lazy and do something i’m good at. i want the license to be snotty.

(for the tooltip, go here. it’s not pg enough for here.)

we got our composition portfolios and h3 music research papers back! only george wanted to keep our h3s for “future reference”. i bet he’s going to whip them out and show the j1s “this is what you should not write like okay!” and i didn’t wanna let him. i collected carol’s h3 and compo for her cause.. i assumed he didn’t want to keep hers lol. (i’m not being mean she knows this as well as i do) and we secretly listened to her Lift electroacoustic composition in the mep room (cause we have to submit CDs with our scores) and it’s pretty good! i thought. she’d totally kill me for playing the recording for them though.

the new music teacher seems rather nice. he’s the dude who wrote auspicium and who showed us around kings college when we were in london. and he gave us drinks because we were visitors! george was never that hospitable haha points to auspicium-dude. i distributed my éclairs and all the teachers ate them very obligingly. the filling was really rich so i didn’t bother glazing them (i.e. the glaze died when i was cooking it) but i thought the éclairs turned out rather nice. only next time i’ll probably fill them with custard and do a chocolate glaze. i bought a box of custard powder and have no idea what to do with it now.

hung out with all sorts of strange people today. not that they are inherently strange, just that they are people i don’t normally have the chance to hang out with. one was xingyan’s mum! she is really one of a kind! we discussed methods of killing little pests like cockroaches and earthworms over ice cream sundaes. i was regaling everyone with the story of alfred the earthworm (my sec 4 pet which i kept in the eraser-dust ridge in my desk) and how i got tired of him one day and dunked him in a bunch of salt water to see if he would really die of dehydration like ms. tan said and.. he did and her mum didn’t bat an eyelid while everyone else was judging me! she did ask me however if my mum knew that i exterminated cockroaches in the microwave and come to think of it, i don’t know if the folks do. i think i forgot to take a cockroach carcass out once though and my mum had to discard it for me so i guess they know? well it hasn’t stopped them from using the microwave anyway.

another strange encounter was with my friend’s boyfriend, who i didn’t know existed until today. i was shamelessly crashing their date but it was really interesting. here’s my lovely introduction.
her: (on the phone to him) you don’t have to come if you don’t want to.. it’s okay one..
him: it’s okay lah i’ll come. is your friend nice?
her: er…… i can tell her to be nicer.. (thanks alot, dude.)
me: (only catching her side of the conversation) HA!
him: (terrified) i can hear the evil laughter!!!
her: you can!?!

lol. i am greatly encouraged though, because this is one of the few relationships i know where the couple seems committed for the long haul. and he seems like a nice enough chap. just the right amount of intelligence (to detect when i am jokingly needling him) and just the right amount of blurness not to cheat.
there were a lot of moments like this:
(after he’s said something really 迟钝)
me: (to her) he’s almost as retarded as you!
him: (amazed and i like to think impressed) did she just insult both of us at one shot!?

we wanted to go into the shaw foundation library to see what changed but we were in cvs so didn’t dare to encroach on the librarian’s realm lest be unglamorously thrown out. but we walked by it and the library smell is as strong as ever! i loved that smell. it was the smell of mugging.


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