Most liveable city

The library wisely decided to upgrade all their premium members to premium plus for free for the first year. how opportune! just when i’m done with the internship, i can take out 8 dvds at a time, which is paltry compared to the almost unlimited amount at the new york public library and the actually unlimited amount at the cornell library. the first time i walked into olin, even before orientation started and my library privileges invoked, i demanded of the librarian what the borrowing limit was and he kindly informed me that there was no limit. i gawped at him and felt like such an illiterate country bumpkin in singapore, which apparently is the 18th most liveable city according to monocle even though the singapore library’s average borrowing limit is 4 books O.o (the only american city that made the list is honolulu. lol. and first is zurich.)

the journalist in question liked our transit system (pah. it makes me stand in closer proximity to complete strangers than i would with a spouse) and the affordability and he also writes that we are going to open a huge art museum in 2013! i never knew that. judging by the size of SAM now they would need the four yrs to collect anything worthwhile. i wonder who actually does the acquisition for that museum that would be a super cool job to do! imagine jetting off to sotheby’s to acquire the largest matryoshka doll set ever (i have recurring dreams of that). jing yee and i were discussing once where would be the best place in the world to reside for the long term and i can’t quite decide. his only condition is that there mustn’t be hobos. lol. mine would probably have something to do with the weather, and the overcrowding situation. i mean it’s bad enough to be overcrowded, but to be overcrowded in this clime? talk about your classic lose-lose situation.

i finally got him his plastic lubricant when i passed by some DIY shop today. to put it in context – we were having this surreal xkcd-type conversation in my room while studying for a math prelim with tiff.
jing yee: “do you have any lubricant?”
tiffany and me: !!!! (why does he need lubricant!)
tiffany: (all suspicious) “umm. why do you need lubricant?”
jing yee: (puzzled at the change in atmosphere) “for my rubik’s cube!”
and we just burst out laughing. it’s not that tiff and i have minds like sewers, it’s just that when riskids ask for lube they mean it in a very different context and since we live in risley.. we just got used to that context.
that is without a doubt the cutest, geekiest statement we’d heard in our entire lives. i told ami (my roommate) and she became his biggest fan and tried to set us up and stuff but it failed spectacularly since neither of us were aware or cooperative, obviously.

i miss tiff. she has a glorious voice, and i miss performing angel of music on the rotunda piano with her singing.

after the library excursion where i borrowed a bunch of chick flicks (only to rest my brain cells before school starts) i got tickets to the vch chamber series on 16 aug. they’re performing the handel-halvorsen passacaglia! the one i murdered on the cornell chimes with kathryn :D there will also be a hummel quintet and a brahms trio and i shall be dragging caroline to that with me. have been to 2-3 concerts from the chamber series and they are typically quite good for a lazy sunday afternoon.

alone time is awesome. and i’ll have about three more weeks of solitude. well it’s nothing to rival marquez but that’s all i can afford right now.


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