okay i have to clear the backlog of happy posts.
today is my last day at work! can’t stay down for too long with all the lovely people in my life. they are all of them blessings from God, whether they admit it or not.

I had lunch with carol yesterday at swensens at holland V since there was some one-for-one deal that the impoverished students we are wanted to exploit. the daft aunty kept getting lost from the fusionopolis and was half an hour late, and then the service staff were late with our food, and then we loitered around eating our gelato, and then i missed the last lunch shuttle back to the science park so i followed her back to the fusionopolis, and then we went to the marketplace in the fp basement for a poke around for my chocolate croissant, and then i finally walked back to the science park and she walked me up to the underpass. guess how long the entire excursion took. (don’t worry, i still spent more time in the office in total than out at lunch. reading dilbert.) Even though she doesn’t know it she was a wonderful antidote to the past few days, and I thought i was really tired and not in the mood for hanging out with anyone but she reminded me of how very undemanding hanging out with her is, and how little energy/effort is needed for us to have an amazing time. Thank goodness she doesn’t know about this place or will disown me immediately for the sentimental crap i am typing about her.

And today we went out as a lab to a japanese place in vivo cause it’s my last day! it is incredible that they all remembered and came and actually gave me a treat; i really didn’t expect it and thought it was going to be another regular lunch outing. we were all fascinated with the fake potatoes selling for $5 apiece at the display in front of the restaurant and had a huge bout of indecision re whether to continue stuffing our faces at cedele or to go back. aileen was torn between the two, but eventually (expectedly) we headed off to cedele and she got her chocolate banana cake and took johnson down with her in chocoholic craving. i would have gotten the chocolate truffle cake were it not for scholar’s night and the dinner there. (which failed to impress, i blame it on the recession. i can’t believe some scholars actually emailed marcie and asked if there would be crayfish this yr since their attendance was contingent on that. that’s a level even i would not stoop to! [i can see you smirking mingsee stop it.])

lots of people there! old people i haven’t talked to in yonks, like hui han and hui qi (sonya couldn’t make it in the end T-T), and new people i talked to a bit more like my buddy (there is only one left the other one defected! D: at least the one left is the math major :) and er solomon. i think i’ve been introduced to solomon at least three times in my life at those gep things but he has never rememberd me. he’s actually a right interesting chap and told me about how he expected clubbing to be rife in the states (going to cmu, i think.) and so he went with his parents to clubs like the velvet underground to see what it was like and to get accustomed to it. i thought that was really cool – my own folks would never do something like that – take me to clubs to get me wasted inducted. i told him there were frat parties with lots of weak alcohol and consequently lots of fooling around, not quite like the clubbing scene here (i say like the veteran i am) and he seemed a tad disappointed. i also told him how hui han averaged 3 hrs of sleep (per night, not per semester although i wouldn’t put it past him) there and solomon actually thought it was because the king was partying! while hui han is the (mambo) king for good reason, he had 3 hrs of sleep because he was mugging, and wants to get his masters in 3 yrs, and solomon looked even more disillusioned. our meeting this time was a lot more pleasant than the previous two times anyhow so i’m sure he’ll be quite popular over there. he’s gotten more self-deprecating and gentlemanly, unlike in secondary school when he was still writing his thesis entited “Why Girls Are Gross”. lol. i should have asked him if he still harboured that sentiment.

and even though jon yong did a pole dance for us i still think the whole night was incomplete without sonya there. (no offence jon the pole dance was quite lovely)



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