Shandy (my cousin from the netherlands) is visiting here with her boyfriend and we went for dinner! my family finally has a family photo.
was gadding all about city hall today as i dragged xing yan to experiences with me (this US university fair at suntec). in a vague attempt to be helpful, i brought the cornellians manning the booth sustenance from the donut factory! also talked to prospective students, but i soon realised i knew nothing about my university and left them to it.
guy: “so is there aerospace engineering at cornell?”
me: (hollering to josh) “is there aerospace engineering at cornell!”
josh: “no.”
me: (to guy) “no.”
guy: “oh. okay..” (looks unsure as to whether he is in fact talking to someone from cornell.
(at this point josh cuts in and talks to him about engineering while i stand around agreeing enthusiastically to everything he says.)

well. at least i brought donuts! and i finally met the guy who emails the listserv every friday asking if people want to play soccer at ramin haha. he told me that in tonal theory 4 students are expected to identify twelve tone chords! that is nuts. the most we did at A level was to identify the Italian augmented 6th from the French and the German version, and maybe identify triple suspensions.

after dinner with shandy and rodney the banker my mum made the mistake of going to the supermarket. my brother and i tagged along and very happily dumped a load of stuff into her shopping basket. she was only intending to buy pork for chinese corn soup but we skilfully maneuvred her into the alcohol section and ended up with loads of wine and breezers, among a host of other snacks we both wanted. i also wanted to get asahi and chocolate mint flavoured baileys but we decided to go easy on the banker today. look at our lovely shopping!
this is what quality family time is about. i told her she just bought two weeks of happy children and should just enjoy the inebriation instead of thinking of how much she had to pay. ^^



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