Open rehearsal

li yundi makes me proud to be chinese. (well that and our pro mathematics and amazing food and diligence and ability to pirate stuff) he was beautiful today, just didn’t quite fit in with the orchestra, and although it’s easier to fault one person, i’d rather fault them (obviously). they took up the whole first half of the open rehearsal with goldmark’s rustic wedding symphony, which while i enjoyed, i only went to see him.

i finally met up with my daughter and chicken! they both went to the open rehearsal too. she has got a tiny british accent, which chicken was mercilessly mimicking lol. well wait till he goes to wolfson, maybe he’ll pick one up too. he’s going to study lit! which is super cool. i’d hoped that he’d do math though. didn’t get to hang out much, but we’re going to arrange another date. maybe to go to the museum or another scrabble thing :) i’m so glad chicken is still chicken and the army has not ruined him.

apparently george has a new daughter. !!! i didn’t know hammie had a sister! this is so exciting, maybe if i whinge hard enough he might name his daughter after me hahaha. xiumin and xingyan and i will probably drop by rj in august soon to pay him a visit and to crash his lecture and to invite ourselves back to his place for another scary-avant-garde-david-lynch type movie. it’s time hammie got inducted to the dark and morbid mind of his father. i wonder how george is taking to the new compo teacher :P and i do miss the mep room and its annoying air freshener. d’you know it pisses scent every ten minutes which makes compo-recording super challenging – you have to time it such that the air freshener doesn’t suddenly pssss while you are recording a particularly technical passage. i have a theory that they installed it because of the ri boys with whom we share the usage of the mep room.

cell today wasn’t so bad. james was my rolodex, and he said i spoke too fast, but he’s right – i think we will colead quite well together. in that he picks up the insights that i have missed and can help me arrow people to answer questions (that i’m quite uncomfortable doing, being the youngest – it seems so presumptuous and like cocky) and wrap things up etc. preparing for the session also made me learn alot – i had to dig through my dad’s study bible and look things up in greek etc. there are so many important lessons that it’d be impossible to list them all down here. we went for supper after and it’s the first time i was ever in danger of missing the last train – i am generally not hip enough to be out late cos my parents fetch me after cell hehe. in fact im normally in bed by this hour but right now im waiting for weixun to come home so i can pass him joel’s present for tmr. he’s the hip sort – out late watching a movie and gadding about although you really can’t tell from the outside lol. joel’s present is beautifully wrapped because i adore functional art and craft; too bad it’s only going to be ripped apart tomorrow instead of being displayed in like a present museum.

it don’t matter to me..
if your searching brings you
back together with me
cause there’ll always be
an empty room- waiting for you
an open heart- waiting for you
time is on my side..
cause it don’t matter to me
it don’t matter to me..

pathetic? or true? i hate Bread for the way they make me feel pain in all its nakedness.



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