Molto bella

Ching ching breakfast at evans road prata cafe! dear pei pei didn’t know where evans road was, and the aunty is studying law at NUS just beside evans road! we were all appropriately disgusted. the prata was amazing (and so was the company of course) – it’s the last time we’ll all be together for a good long while yet as mw flies off to botswana come thursday. the first time i went to the evans rd prata house was after a 413 gathering in sec 3 when we had 通宵 mahjong at seems’ place just across the road and a whole night of watching garou’s music videos. i still really like his sous le vent
et si tu crois que c’est fini
c’est juste une pause, une répit
après les dangers
et si tu crois que je toublie
ouvre ton corps aux vents de la nuit
ferme les yeux

also had the mahjong klatsch, with three new tai tais-in-training (i exaggerate they were two lawyers and one chemist – none of them look like the sort who will be lounging about until they have established themselves professionally). i’ve missed clara’s house! and its fridgefuls of belgian chocolate. and the gambling glasses (today i was the king of hearts). and the stuffed panda. and the steinway! oh her piano still sounds marvellous i forgot to bring my scores there because i was rushing for tuition T-T else i’d have tried la campanella on her piano, and also Glass’ morning passages from the hours OST. there was misra’s famous bergedil (the only reason i am still friends with clara) and i took lots of pictures of the bergedil. and some of people too haha they should be up on fb at some point in the far future. becks is rapidly improving at mahjong she 胡ed alot of times today and almost 清一色ed and i got a really beautiful 七对子 too. out of all the combinations i think my favourite is still the 七对子 because you get 7 台 for that and 7 is a prime. i gave clara her pig paper clips and she gave me “Dilbert gives you the business” which i think is scott adam’s latest compilation :D where his insults are neatly categorised for efficient use on different departments, like your boss, or marketing, or HR, or like temps. :D perfect for my purposes. we played till 10 but i am still 手痒 gotta organise another session maybe at grace’s place.



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