Never thought I’d have to password protect posts.. because i never expected my readership to go up beyond well, the two people i told about this place. if the things you’re reading here about me surprise you chances are you don’t know me well enough to be mucking about here at all.

more point form because i am all out of energy and all out of love.
– i think it’s really sweet how my dad changes the radio station in the car to 92.4 for me every morning.
– for some reason none of the girls at work carry tissue, only the boys, which is somewhat endearing.
– i saw a fields medallist today at the official opening of ntu’s school for physical and mathematical sciences. also got very demoralised by the super technical lectures that whooshed past me like an 80 knot wind.
– gh was in shanghai today observing the solar eclipse! so is my 人, come to think of it. lucky them.
– jing yee has got gendou ikari glasses! the proper term is photochromic, but when we’re in the sun they turn dark, like gendou ikari’s in evangelion. they’re super cool.
– to you, grateful is just a unit for measuring coal.
– i’m seriously contemplating the ‘marry me’ sign for friday’s open rehearsal. how stupid do you think it’d be? incredibly stupid, or just fairly stupid?
– what is a good classical music cd to get for a violist who is turning twenty-one? i tend to think you can’t go wrong with hilary hahn.
– i hate flatulent old men in the mrt. i mean come on.
– also, people who keep telling me to make friends or to maintain old, fizzled out friendships that fizzled out for very good reasons. i have more than enough, okay? i already don’t have time for some of my friends, why should i have to pack some more into my schedule? as if it wasn’t packed enough. there is no space, capisci? what is so difficult to understand about that? and unlike some people i intend to make meaningful friendships, not disposable ones that rip you apart inside.

lucky for me, i’m done with you.


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