Satay party

Clara came with me. there were at least two other crashers there :P and our dear aunty rachel lim showed up also and asked me what i was doing there. -_- dude, that is my school. lol. she reminded me about tmr and apparently i’ve been ignoring her smses because.. she doesn’t have my new number hehe. i shld sms grace my new number soon so i can go to her place and try her mum’s cooking :D

Clara and I had a jolly time with the yr book there. I looked up all the cornell guys since they’re my brother’s age and they were just adorable in sec 1. dunno what happened. so tiny! so nerdy! so string-beany! i think sze kiat was the cutest, he gave off the pierre morhange vibe – face of an angel, but character of a devil lol. as in he was always smiling innocently but i’m sure he was up to some mischief or other. they all stick together with great solidarity though – meh. i asked leonard what the cornell guys were up to back in RI and he just said “oh.. they were always very smart lor” like asdfgkjl!@#&$ i’m sure that’s what i’m interested in! and then i asked jing yee what leonard was like and he said “he’s also very smart” -_-‘ certainly makes one wonder what they are all hiding .. hq always told me loads of fascinating stories about his batch in dark and lurid detail i don’t believe there is nothing more to these guys. frank was there and i spent a long time calculating which batch he was in (another ah pek) while my bro was in sec 1 and his sec 3 class photo is hilarious! he was fake-miffed and thought we were being jian for looking the boys up. to own the truth i only brought it so clara could look up dearest jack to see what he looked like in sec 2. maybe some other day we’ll have a jollier time with the ’89 boys sec 1 yr book which i also happen to possess hehe.

jing yee also asked clara what i was like back in rg and y’know i don’t think any of my friends will have any qualms about betraying me and spilling all about my past. clara was about to give him a lovely list of all my misdemeanours complete with embellishments when i said it was about time we should leave. it’s interesting to know what you are to your friends though, or how your friends would describe you to your other friends. keith told me he was always described as a quad (kinda depressing since he is interesting in his own way apart from being a quadruplet). i have about 4 stock attributes that people use to describe me
1. the one who is super smart (lies. usually employed by church pple since there isn’t much nuance in levels of smartness in school. or at least i am not snotty enough to highlight it [oh shut up, you. i mean not anymore.])
2. the one who microwaves cockroaches (my classmates were very fond of this. i put this up on the postsecret board at rj and when random people talked about it they’d all proudly exclaim “I KNOW THAT GIRL!!” so much for secrecy what’s so bad about microwaving cockroaches anyway? i always maintain it is a clean and efficient means of eliminating pests.)(uncle stephen said yesterday a kind/righteous man is one who treats his animals well. those owners you see who yell at their dogs and beat them are very bitter people and i almost burst out laughing.)
3. the one who plays the piano well. (again lies. obviously with mep people i am most certainly NOT one who plays the piano well. you’d describe darling veronica or nicolson or keegan with that but def. not me.)
4. the one who is antisocial and who will only reply you if you email her. (true. what can i say? i have to portion my time out wisely. there are still two people i have yet to meet – zheng yuan and yee ying. and will probably meet with some people a second time too once i’m done with work.)

my boss let me go for yundi’s morning rehearsal! i’ve got a wonderful ticket and i’m going to the ball after all! imma bring one of those 李云迪,嫁给我吧!signs oh my he is so famous his name is recorded in microsoft’s global IME package as a 词. like 爱迪生 or 贝多芬。hk also says i don’t have to make up for friday morning – i love him he is the best boss ever shall be really sorry to leave the lab. can’t wait for friday!



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