Point Form #1

– Did you know more collect calls are made on Mother’s Day than on any other day? The sentiment of it all is enough to make you weep.
– I saw Mrs. Chee in the train today! She is working at the ministry headquarters now! and has cruelly left rjc! it was lovely catching up with her and i am so very glad i was done with my music A level before she left (and told her so). A teacher who is strong at composition has replaced her. hrm. Needless to say i disapprove but i guess the ministry is better for it, even if rjc may not be. huh. i wonder if george is the head of the aesthetics dept now that would be funny.
– Finally met ming see. she owes me my peep show dvds. (i’m only putting such a meaningless blurb because i know it would annoy her. of course there was the usual heartfelt natter and such that does not bear repeating here.)
– Do you think that you can only hate someone as much as you have loved him? To some extent, hate is as telling as love, because you cannot hate someone you do not feel anything about. True hate is usually preceded by love, but it is difficult for love to be preceded by hate. I know they say a lot of love affairs are borne out of constantly arguing people but that’s only because they refuse to acknowledge their feelings for each other at the arguing phase, s’all.
– Attending church with rebecca again was everything i expected it to be. the speaker was elder daniel, who was fantastic. we accosted him after his sermon and asked him where to find the bible reference for the recommended age of retirement (50 yrs) and it is in numbers 4:23. yes, rebecca and i are very good at accosting speakers after their message to find out little things they’ve neglected to elucidate, but only because we want to know.
– one of elder daniel’s conjectures. why didn’t adam and eve plan their theft from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to become a natural progression to eating from the tree of life so that they could live forever? their slow reasoning processes gave God just enough time to install a security guard an angel at the doorway of Eden to prevent them from eating of the Tree of Life. Had they just a smidge more intelligence things would have been vastly different. tis the stuff history essays are made of.
– james is apparently a student of the boss! well my ex-boss, not hk. he did project serve with the media ministry back in his time after la salle, and zhen long was his supervisor! how weird is that? my cell leader and i are from the same ministry, and his supervisor was the staff who taught me photography although i shldn’t disclose it here in case i ruin zl’s reputation lol. i completely didn’t expect james to be from the media ministry, although i shld have seen it coming since he is a graphics designer. the time he told me and xing yan he had long hair we immediately tried to visualize him with rapunzelesque flowing locks and almost could not contain our laughter. i told becks ytd about it and we inquired of him why he wanted to keep long hair and he said “i just didn’t bother to cut it lor.” truly a guy after my own heart. i myself have short hair cause my dad asked me if i wanted to go with him to the barber one day and i acquiesced since i had nothing better to do and the barber promptly snipped all my hair off and i looked like a perfect onion, which is why the ching chings call me onionhead (affectionately) to this day.
the story of rapunzel
– i still don’t know what to prepare for Acts 1:8 when we have cell at my place. any ideas? a dessert? a pie? shortbread? donuts? waffles? a brownie? a cake? buns? cinnamon rolls? hrm. maybe i shld ask james what he likes to eat but he is too polite and will tell me not to bother because it’s imposing (but that’s what church is for! imposing on each other! after all if you can’t impose on the family of Christ who can you impose on, really?) . something foolproof, hopefully, since joy seng studied food science and i wouldn’t want to offend his taste buds ha.
– One day i am going to perch myself in kino with a book of sarah teasdale poetry and feel to my heart’s content.

Oh day of fire and sun,
Pure as a naked flame,
Blue sea, blue sky and dun
Sands where he spoke my name;

Laughter and hearts so high
That the spirit flew off free,
Lifting into the sky
Diving into the sea;

Oh day of fire and sun
Like a crystal burning,
Slow days go one by one,
But you have no returning.



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