Word Freak

24:34 for today’s crossword. pah. still, it was difficult. today’s crossword is actually yesterday’s crossword, since all the crossword makers are in america. this one is from the seattle post intelligencer, which has one of the widest collections of comics i’ve seen. i miss the cornell daily sun crosswords, those were really fun.

ytd was clara’s birthday. still no clue what to get her. i could get her one of those fist-sized mahjong dice we saw in the raffles city basement the other day. or the green apple coasters for our gambling glasses. :D it’s like a green apple that’s all sliced sideways and each disc shaped slice is a coaster. she’s the other founding member of the antisocial association (AA) and also the secretary. i am of course the treasurer. she is also the owner of a wonderful steinway that she lets me play everytime i go to her house. we’ve taken to doing the previously mentioned crossword together everyday in the morning at work. i do it competitively (there’s a timer) and my shortest record so far is 13:37 (spelling purely coincidental) but she doesn’t. can’t yet, anyway – you take a while to get used to some of the lame clues in crosswords. different newspapers have different idiosyncrasies that take getting used to, and some are awfully americanised, like the cornell one, which if i’m not wrong is from the LA times. but it has a tonne of music-related clues sometimes that are so exclusive and that really helps me out.

everyone shld do crosswords! it increases your general knowledge. like i learnt what yenta means. and also ibex. and today, was reminded that robert burns wrote auld lang syne, which i forgot. and that wilma is one of the flintstones (never watched it in my life). i also forgot that the aorta is our biggest artery – sec 4 bio seems so long ago.

my mortal (he calls me 天使, i call him 人) emailed me to ask me if i wanted anything from the middle kingdom since the great firewall of china has blocked fb and he can’t message me there. how sweet! he’s going to be back on 25th july. i do want 冰糖葫芦 but it’s not like they have it at this time of the yr.

and finally.. matthew mcconaughey tonight! <3 i feel bad for dragging yuanjun along haha but i've gone to action flicks that he wanted to see that are completely not my thing either. i'll bet it's brain-numbingly stupid it's got a 5.5 on imdb and a 28% on RT hahaha. i hope he likes jennifer garner or there probably won't be anything in it for him. well i am only going for darling matthew. <3 usually go for movies alone but now it's more efficient to meet up at the same time.


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