Dinner yesterday with clara and sexy bexy. i love dragging everyone to the matcha place. also, i must say it’s extremely prudent to match friends from the same school for meet ups so you get to drag all the hot gossip out about both of them from each other with barely any effort. rebecca couldn’t tell me much about gan eng seng aka jack aka london boy but clara was telling me all about rebecca’s escapades :D

i am really glad to see her, and she will probably be attending YA with me. Clara’s been attending a cg too which is awesome she needs it :D i still can’t believe becky is a cgl can you imagine? clara asked me if she was a cgl in our church i told her “excuse me, we have standards.” she’s going to an anglican church in cam while i’m going to a baptist, neither of which are like our own church back here although i must say i prefer the baptist one because of the hymns and the organ and the lovely old people who always try to feed you.

Clara and I have resurrected our mahjong gang with new members! jiayi and bibi and becks. (im totally going to call rebecca ‘sexy bexy’ in church and horrify her mum/bs leader so they will interrogate her more closely on her cambridge shenanigans) well we haven’t fixed a date to play yet but at least we have more than enough people now, and we do need that extra person to be a runner (run for the ice cream, run for the bergedil, run to the piano..) ching used to be our runner and she’d be feeding us hello panda as we played :D the original gang’s all dispersed through japan/beijing/us T-T hopefully the new recruits know german bridge so we can switch back and forth. we wanted to have it next week but it’s the cornell club’s satay party (which i am actually going for! surprise, surprise. jingyee says the satay is excellent and so i got clara to crash with me so i won’t stick out like a sore thumb as usual.)

also while we were having lunch ytd i realised.. gh has very pointy ears! like a half-elf, which is so deja vu since i’ve just read Little People by Tom Holt. he’s been away on course for awhile (gh, not Tom Holt) and apparently while he was at cornell he was in the astro club, which is really cool. i still haven’t been to fuertes for an observation yet and i told him the observatory was so far away and he was like “you are on north campus. it’s right there.” i guess we have very differing concepts of ‘far’.



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