i used to wonder who the old man charlene tutored every saturday at appel was. he was some octogenarian and every saturday morning when i went to appel for breakfast after my morning concert i’d see her sitting there faithfully doing peer teaching or something cip-ish so i asked crystal who the decrepit old man charlene hung out with on saturdays was and she said “oh you mean behzad?” cute. yeah. i don’t know what the big deal with being young is though. scott adams has got it right – why would you want to be 20 when you are 50? sure, you’d have a younger, more functional body, you’d have the excitement of life starting again, but then you’d also have your 20-yr old brain and that’s hardly worth it. i can’t wait to get older, and hopefully wiser – never want to be a teenager again, even once was too much to be worth the effort.

met up with the ching chings on saturday at the lovely xiao long bao place and got bombarded with a year of stored up hot gossip. it was great to see them again. cornell returned mingwei’s mail to cambridge who forwarded it to her, which is exceedingly retarded since if you were to send mail back to an international location you might as well have it sent back to singapore. the dim sum at the place was quite difficult to handle, especially for a great lumberjack as i – who fills baos with so much soup anyway! how anyone can eat that sort of thing glamorously is beyond me. maybe that’s why din tai fung’s microscopic xiao long bao are so hip since you can stuff the whole thing in your mouth. (although of course mingwei can stuff entire regular sized xiao long baos in her mouth too). lots of racist jokes about the claus (heehee) but c’mon she’s asking for it. there was this sheesha/hookah bar on the way to the place, and quite a few jazz bars (which were not good). i still remember the time amrita told me her friends in singapore were smoking hookah at a party and i was all.. “isn’t that illegal? i’m sure it is. i don’t know anyone who smokes hookah in singapore” and she said i was such a dear, sweet, child.

anyway crys and i made sausage bread today! have a lot of material left over so will probably do floss buns at some point. there’s a recipe for the transparent mayo in floss buns on some taiwanese website which is apparently just like the breadtalk one and you know the chinese are the best pirates. did you know it’s got no mayo in it at all? at least if you make it from scratch, it’s just a bunch of sugar and water and butter and corn starch all mixed together and not a hint of mayo. photos will be up soon.

it’s so strange not going to church today. restful, but strange. couldn’t go cos my church has a restriction on families who have family members recently returning from ‘affected countries’, as if singapore isn’t one. my brother just got back so my family, being lazy opportunists civic-minded citizens decided to stay home from church.


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