The Nunnery Resort

This was one of the brilliant ideas i came up with a few days ago when zheng yi said i should join a nunnery, while we were discussing my morality (which is in sad disrepair). i don’t really agree with certain practices in nunneries (particularly the ones which advocate self-flagellation and self-denial.. which is, guess what, all of them).. and i’d totally trip over my habit or like lose my rosary beads. i mean i have considered the idea at some point, how peaceful it would be to get away from the world to some secluded nunnery, take part in their vespers and ritualistic lifestyle where you don’t have to think, don’t have to feel anything but carry out your duties like an automaton. to disappear from the face of the earth from everyone, from my own family, how restful ‘twould be! but of course only for about 2-3 weeks at a go, not for the rest of your life. which is when i conceived The Nunnery Resort.

why don’t nunneries (or monasteries, at that) open their doors and practices to the general public maybe for a month every year? in exchange for a nominal fee, of course. stressed out/antisocial individuals may pay these institutions for two weeks of sanctuary, of the nun’s life, of seclusion, of getting in touch with their spiritual side, of being completely uncontactable save by the Chief Sister or Archbishop or whoever it is that’s in charge of the nunnery. The nunnery would become rich! that’s when zheng yi reminded me that my idea goes completely against the principles of, well, nunhood where they presumably live a self-sacrificial life and seek to help others, not for financial gain. Well i maintain that my nunnery resort would equip the sisters with the necessary resources to help others, they’d be able to do so much more, to give so much more with just one month of intrusion by the public. and if any of the new converts decided to misbehave they could always flagellate them – it’d be therapeutic for the nuns too. he says i’d fail at being a nun, but i think i would really be a great financial asset, like a modern day Prior Philip from The Pillars of the Earth.

practical priest
dimmi quando tu verrai,
dimmi quando, quando, quando..
l’anno, il giorno, l’ora in cui…
forse tu mi bacerai.

sai che paul schoenfield è un professore all’università di Michigan?? ci devo andare a trovarlo. c’è una grande sorpreso! gli piace anche gli studi di matematica ed ebraico – è proprio un’anima gemella!



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