I wonder if any of the things i learn at work will be practical in real life. Given that i am training to be a professional hacker, p’raps one day I will hack into the MRT announcements system and have a field day.
“Attention all passengers: Eating or drinking or persons who are twice the cross-sectional area of the average passenger (yes that means you, lady in the blue shirt playing with your DS) are not allowed in the stations and trains. Thank you for helping us to keep the stations and trains clean and spacious for the comfort of all passengers.”

Don’t worry, one day I will repent and make my peace with the singapore public transport system. The day when i get a car.


Un pensiero su “Announcement

  1. yay! you can help me wreak havoc on our fascist government’s propaganda scheme. together, you’n me, we’d be unstoppable! XD


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