Café music

The school library has bought the Paul Schoenfield score! I loved that piece and have a copy lying around somewhere in my score box but you shld know that it is virtually impossible to find anything in there. that’s more than a metre’s thickness of scores that are jammed together in no apparent order, usually separated or incomplete. Perhaps tedward would like to try it with me, and then i might ask graeme. we could do a lunchtime performance or a risley cabaret.

i was building a tree yesterday. out of my leftover lunch – diced chilli chicken; i don’t eat chilli, and i couldn’t finish most of the chicken, so i decided to make a little apple tree out of green and red chillis, celery, and leftover bits of chicken for the trunk. the last time i made an apple tree was at a fish & chips shop in birmingham which served -okay- fish, mashed peas (ew), and soggy chips. naturally i didn’t touch any of my mashed peas, and that made the canopy of the tree. little dots of ketchup made the apples, and the equally untouched chips made the trunk. i am very good at edible art, just like rose casson. blue tooth paste gives a very becoming cerulean blue, and if you mix it with raspberry jam you get purple, although you can also use smucker’s grape jelly or boil red cabbage to get different shades.

it’s easy to play with leftover food in cornell dining, since you always take a little bit of everything and discover that about 40% of it isn’t that great, which is more than enough for artful rearrangement into faces on your plates, etc. once alex berated me for playing with my food, although i am sure the little bugger would totally play with his if he weren’t acting all stuffy and grownup. that much was clear from the cookie-decorating day – when okenshields dining decided to put out bowls of multicoloured icing and sugar cookies; we could ice the cookies any way we want with a butter knife. i made a paddle pop coloured face that smiled gormlessly at you with its lucky charm-marshmallow eyes, nose, and mouth. just found a photo of it on my phone!
Paddle pop face
alex’s art was far more elementary, with a patch o’ blue and little bits of white on top – i thought he was trying to make the face of a smurf with the diaper hat since the blue icing was exactly the same colour as smurf skin tone but it was apparently supposed to be a blue sky and white clouds -_-

also, finally got my korg back from zheng yi and finally returned him flowers for algernon hehe. we had a long talk yesterday and i found out that he’s going to be a sandwich boy at the subway at the rail mall (oh too much train imagery in one sentence)! must drag veronica with me when she’s back from paris to go patronise him, in more ways than one. i hope he works evenings. i could pop over after work. should have gotten water-girl to join us yesterday but for some reason it slipped my mind. that’s the way to go, really. meeting people up two or three at a time. generally i prefer tête-à-têtes but i’m beginning to see the efficiency of meeting in groups. clara and rebecca tgt. mw and hq tgt. cocaoplant and water-girl tgt. i would save on half my social quota for the year!


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