In a truly thng tradition, I have decided to post pictures of my battle scars. they aren’t half as disgusting as my brother’s scabs, so no worries.
left knee:
right knee:

it happened when i met up with crys last wednesday and she totally beat me up. no seriously i was riding to the train station with her on the back of my bike enjoying our 二人世界 and all was fine – she got there unscathed, thankfully. on my way back the roads were slippery, so as i was turning into my lift lobby the bike skidded and i fell flat on my face, kinda meshed with the bike and my knees got the brunt of it. i like purple though, so it’s all good, although it hurts like buggery if i bump either of my knees now. perhaps i can be promoted from a professional mole decorator to a bruise decorator. i’m so glad she’s in singapore so we can have these lovely adventures. i mean how many people would dare to ride on the back of my bike without being covered by no less than seven insurance companies? you tell me.

here’s a picture of the drop dead gorgeous yevgeny sudbin.
he had this very guileless british grammar school hair cut that does not need to be treated with any substance beyond being combed. and his nose! i liked the way he was so 爽快 about performing, how after each piece he’d stand up, acknowledge the thunderous applause with the merest of nods before striding off the stage without looking back. it was curt and efficient, and i really respected that. he wrote his own programme notes too, which was so cute, and to some extent i think proved his feeling and thought process behind each piece.


Un pensiero su “Pupsegal

  1. hehe i’m not sure if ‘the romantic’ tag here refers to me or your cute boy, but oh well.
    awww i have a nickname! awesome! it’s just what jingwei used to call me =D i am so honored to be mentioned on your blog haha. so sorry about your bruises though :( i will pay them proper homage tomorrow when i see you


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