I felt really bad for Yevgeny Sudbin today because the concert hall was not full. and it’s only VCH, which has a much more limited seating capacity than the esplanade. xiumin and i were right in front, which means i took some really sneaky photos. he’s a real lanky dude, with really long fingers and a lovely velvet suit. I didn’t really like his programme (because of the scarlatti and haydn) but he played it so.. russianly i immediately forgave him. in fact everything was done in a rather heavy-handed manner, a great contrast to pascal’s playing yesterday. i like both of them, but the scarlatti sonatas with his romantic touch were much more pleasant than they are dry, which the mep students like to do. but then again i am just a big sucker for the romantic genre. his music was like.. caviar, but for the ears. if given a choice between exquisite food or exquisite music i think i will choose the latter, although it’s a tough call.

i was pondering why musicians are sexy and came to several conclusions during yevgeny’s performance today. i suppose it’s the way they have invested so much time in learning their instrument, and producing such beautiful, nuanced sounds from it. they have learnt how different ways of touching their instrument will give it a different voice – just imagine if that were applied to humans! you know that the musician (at least, the non-amateur) has the capacity for being serious with you, for studying you in great detail, for learning how you tick, and then playing you, oh, playing you so beautifully at whim to produce beautiful music. wouldn’t you love to be in a pair of hands like that? wouldn’t you feel safe being being played by a musician, one who can sympathise with all the great masters and who you know will take care of your feelings with the utmost delicacy? that is why musicians are sexy. if they are willing to invest their time and emotion in a lifeless piece of wood or metal, to give it life, to make it their own, how much more can they do with a living, breathing, human being whom they can love and be loved in return?

a trend i’ve noticed that i told xiumin about today is that musicians.. like asian girls. haha. i mean, pascal is with a japanese-indonesian, yevgeny is with a chinese.. it happens in my school too, particularly with the american grad students. so there is hope! of finding a fabulous musician who will know exactly how to pluck my heart strings without breaking it into pieces.

but i don’t want them. of all people. why you? You are under the impression that love was something you could switch on and off like electric current. Of course, it’s not like that. Oh, it’ll survive almost anything if it’s contrary and cussed enough, it’ll take pruning and parching and flooding and DDT in its stride and carry on growing like convolvulus – the more you try and clear it out, the stronger it gets. But when it dies, it dies; it’s as dead as Queen Anne or the Monty Python parrot, and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t do spit about it.



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