Did you know that Dudley Moore studied composition and music at Magdalen College? I’ve always admired him and wondered if he did that piano scene in Arthur for real or if it were an extra who improvised the jazz piece, but apparently he’s been playing the organ for church weddings since he was 14 (the same age as me!). I love Arthur, and the numerous other movies he’s appeared in acting as a psychiatrist etc.

Some other celebrity facts. Roald Dahl was 1.98m tall! He always looks so diminutive in his photos at the back of the children’s books, all hunched over and white haired. my favourite authors are all really tall. stephen fry. alan bennett. roald dahl. I’m reading Switch Bitch now and it’s fantastically lascivious.

and i just discovered that joaquín rodrigo was blind. yes, as in the concierto de aranjuez guy – blind! how did he compose for guitar and orchestra if he was blind!? i mean people like bach lost his sight in old age, but rodrigo lost his sight at 3. apparently he wrote his compositions in braille, which is just awesome. i wonder what solfege looks like in braille.

I can’t believe mike is online on gchat with a webcam! the last i talked to him was eons ago. i really loved his books then but have sort of outgrown them a tad now. but i made a vow to appear on gchat more to be available to the people who really need me, instead of festering in my corner offline and uncontactable like a selfish recluse.

i’m sick and tired of you talking to people who are obviously far less interesting than me while ignoring me the whole time. where do you get off?

and for the record. antisocial people are not unpopular people. what does popularity have to do with sociableness? what does popularity have to do with anything? just because one doesn’t like people doesn’t mean one’s sentiment will be reciprocated. it frequently isn’t. and because you only make rare appearances, people want to meet you, more so than someone who is always available and present at every gathering. those who are always just there blend into the wall, while antisocial people are appreciated for their exciting company, if only by dint of its paucity. when you’re antisocial it doesn’t matter much if you’re interesting or not. the fact that i happen to be is just a bonus. :D


Un pensiero su “Celebrities

  1. roald dahl was a dirty, dirty man. he scarred me for life in primary school ;__; thank goodness my dad never found out what was actually in that omnibus he bought me >__<
    and i hope that wasn't a quote there in italics


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