One of my all-time favourite boy names is Lloyd. don’t you just love the extraneous consonant? like the extra ‘a’ in aaron. of the extra ‘f’ in ffion. he emailed my mum btw and told her he hadn’t bathed in a month. i’m pretty sure even kerouac bathed on the road. and i packed him off to find mf at berkeley! now she’s gonna think my family produces hobos. which isn’t that far from the truth, i suppose. still, i put up a pretty good pretense at being a functional human being, i don’t see why he can’t try harder.

i’ve just finished the last battle, which concludes the chronicles of Narnia. The pevensie children met up with Reepicheep at the end of the world, which gave me waves of nostalgia about my mouse. as in my micromouse. ruiyi and i named him reepicheep after the very brave rat in prince caspian and the voyage (if you aren’t acquainted you are obviously a literary pleb), and he may have won a few prizes here and there. the other raffles mice were raxiel (rax for short), raphael, and rae, but reep was my mouse and i loved him. he wasn’t particularly cooperative and broke down many times in competition despite our prize winning algor, which is a hardware fault of AI or our own ignorance re. eprom handling. the micromouse room is locked up now, and i’m not sure if we have withdrawn from the annual ISMC held at great world city given that the club has closed down due to a lack of participants. isn’t it funny? i am so antique that my CCA no longer exists in my alma mater. i loved the ISMC though. it meant 3 days off school, heading down to a shopping centre (instead of a smelly old track or stadium like the inter school sports competitions) to picnic beside two huge mazes in the middle of the first floor, watching strange guys flirt with your seniors and occasionally with you just to borrow a download cable, window shopping for jigsaw puzzles or precious thoughts beanies, stuffing your face with beard papa choux puffs, and having the yearly celebratory dinner at kenny rogers with our prize money. yep. squandered the minute we get it, there’s no such thing as saving for a rainy day in micromouse. good times.

well after the last battle i’ve moved on to dahl’s tales of the unexpected, which i’ve read a million times already but it never ceases to charm with his morbid sense of humour. rather like the perry bible fellowship. i’m looking to borrow the roald dahl omnibus though, does anyone have it? because i’m particularly looking for the great switcheroo, which isn’t in my collection, and i can’t find an online version. i know zheng yi has a copy (he bought it out from under me at a second hand book sale in thomson plaza, the conniving little thief) but i shld probably finish his flowers for algernon first, which i gave him for his birthday, borrowed to read (haha), and subsequently held on to for over a year.. hey but i’m not the only person who does that. *looks pointedly at certain people* remember charlie and his progris riports and raw-shok tests? that’s the one. i was reading it before meeting jingyee the other day and apparently his batch had to read those short stories in ri too. the other two were the scarlet ibis, which i really liked, and the lottery. i was talking to sindy one day and she told me she had to read charlotte’s web and a wrinkle in time for school too, so i think our primary school english programme must have been modelled after the american system, although obviously we read those books much earlier than they did or they wouldn’t be writing crappy SAT essays graded by word quantity.