La campanella

My right arm is taking a severe beating from this etude (bad technique?). it’s a beautiful if overplayed piece, so i’m trying to do it properly. drat liszt and his RH jumps which you can see below.
la campanella

if i am to balance out my practising i’d better work on scriabin’s prelude and nocturne for the left hand.
it looks like a joke, but it ain’t. the whole thing has to be done with the LH, which will kill it off so i suppose my arms will be evenly handicapped.

qiong ye has apparently made it to korea – i got a postcard from him from pyongyang today. i wish i could write back, it’s too bad he’s backpacking and has no return address even though any return mail from me will all be from boring ol’ singapore or usa. i wonder when he’s heading back here. i have the coolest mortals ever. just adopted another cornell freshman today since her uncle is from my company and he emailed me/tiffy to settle her in. a classics major! that’s a first. haven’t seen any s’porean classics majors yet. may hook her up with tedward or tiffany.

he came back last night. silent as a cat, he’s padded into my dreams again. reminds me of the red stain in the carpet of Wilde’s canterville ghost – won’t go away, won’t be gotten rid off by pinkerton’s champion stain remover, just got to live and let live. i’ll bleach ‘im out, if it’s the last thing i do. although for that one night, i wouldn’t mind going to C.S. Lewis’ Island where Dreams come True.



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