Non ho bisogno di te

had lunch with jingyee today at nus and there were so many pple at the arts canteen! i saw jr and trixie and even tiongsoon (mingsee: coffee shop guy) but he was with some other imre people and didn’t join us. my normal lunch gang was having lunch with an old friend i didn’t know, so aileen tried to get another guy in the lab to go for lunch with me but i declined and texted jy if he wanted to get a bite. everyone here seems really afraid of eating alone, and i don’t know why. is it some social stigma to eat alone? i don’t need rescuing, books are frequently better comp’ny than people are, although i did enjoy lunch with him today. he told me about his artwork, which i was really surprised by! i know he thinks most art is useless and can be done by anybody and is hence nothing to shout about. he thinks poetry is stupid too and wrote me two poems that were at least functional, if not aesthetic since they helped me to memorise math rules. here they are:

A continuous
Function on a compact set
Will achieve its max.

**this was a haiku based on one of hubbard’s rules

Let X be
A compact piece-with-boundary
Of an oriented manifold, of dimensionality
K, embedded in Rn

Give the boundary
Del X of X
The boundary orientation, and we are interested in
A k-1 form phi defined on
An open subset containing X.

Then integral of phi over del X
And integral of dee phi over X

Are one and the same.

**this was one of the theorems in our textbook.

so all along i had the impression that he wasn’t very interested in art, or museums, or things like that, when he told me he painted in photoshop. that was a stunner. he painted his msn display picture in photoshop, and it’s a phoenix. here it is.

he basically made a spot of white, and then used the smudge tool and smudged it until it turned out like that, before adding the red background – which i thought was pretty cool! it’s rare that guys know how to use photoshop, if they’re not using it as a profession like as a graphics designer. in all my ccas i had to cover the publicity because the guys were too noob at photoshop. i told him about M. C. Escher’s Metamorphosis II and the first thing he asked was whether Escher did it on a cylinder, which is a brilliant question to ask. Fyi, Escher didn’t, and so jy said that was a real stupid move. which it is. but still! one of my favourite art pieces shot down! bah. i’m never telling him about any of my favourite art pieces again. he was going to scba today and asked me but obv i’m too noob to be unleashed on proper bridge circles yet. i can’t even keep up with bbo, and i’ve forgotten most of our last SAYC bidding tutorial (which i didn’t tell him lol). i’ll just have to go mug that conversation again with all the points and bids before we even embark on a gameplay tutorial. tried counting cards whilst playing floating bridge with the young adults at the retreat but it didn’t go too well =.= i must be destined to bridge noobitude forever. hopefully he founds a contract club at school then i can join/practise. i’ll even help to supply a professor in charge. i’m sure graeme or xak wouldn’t mind.

a certain miss chia xingyan came to my church yesterday (hopefully to stay) and i introduced her to some of the young adults (not many since i barely know them myself). we had a drink (as in like coffee, and not irish coffee) after church with my dad and my cell leader, and while xingyan was busily telling me about her cambodian trip my dad was ‘entertaining’ my cell leader, which was a sorry sight. i wanted to hop in and rescue james, but.. it’s father’s day after all and so i let him go on. poor james. lol. it started when he found me rather purposefully after church and i thought he had something important to say when he said “i heard your english is very good”.. and i was all “er.. i suppose it’s alright.” and thought he was going to give me some writing job or smth, like writing for the church commission since that’s how most people preface their favours (right?) but apparently he found me just to ask me if my english really was good since he hadn’t noticed lol. he’s always saying random things like that and cxy was very tickled by him. we were going to have coffee with my dad so he came along and found that he couldn’t escape from my dad’s unending stream of conversation, like a mouse trapped in a mousetrap. i also said hi to my favourite church uncles and aunties ytd (the ones i always go on holiday with) and they were all miffed that i’d been back for a month and i hadn’t said hi to them yet and accused me of forgetting them so i invited them for my graduation since my parents are probably not gonna come for it on account of excessive travel time. my mum hates travelling long distances and they have happily, unilaterally, decided to spend my graduation trip money on a vacation somewhere nearer and warmer and prettier but i promised uncle pohlum he could have my mum’s air ticket lol. it’d be a blast if he came he was always so indulgent with all of us.

when we finally got back xy and i decided to bake a pizza for her dad (and ourselves) because it’s father’s day. and because we were hungry. the pictures are on fb. it’s lovely to have a personal maria chopping all the ingredients for you so you can just sit around and kiao kah. and the breadmaker too! i can’t imagine how people can get by without a breadmaker – who makes the bread? or kneads the dough? humans?? it was great catching up with her though, dissecting everything like jones and co. and having jap food again!


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