Scalene triangles

It is an honour for a man to keep aloof from strife,
but every fool will be quarrelling. ~ Proverbs 20:3

Dinner with bibi and mf today at.. bishomen? some jap place in the raffles city basement :) soft shell crab! <3 and unagi! i do miss decent jap food. and of course my matcha ice cream, i always drag people who go to raffles city basement to have matcha ice cream at the place beside shokudo – oh, by the way it’s not listed on the menu. you just.. have to have the background knowledge, which makes it all kinda exclusive, only for hardcore matcha fans like myself. i like that place’s ice cream because they don’t have mochi in the sundae, and they have azuki paste/whipped cream unlike all the ‘japanese’ restaurants in NYC/ithaca who list green tea ice cream on the dessert menu and literally serve you green tea ice cream with nothing on. or some synthetic yoghurty substitute.

we were discussing if we expected our partners to be more spiritually mature than us. bibi says the same level is okay, and i agree, but i prefer a guy who is more mature, someone who can teach me things instead of the other way round. i definitely need a guy who is more competent than i am in almost every respect (except maybe music, cooking, and like.. english, that’s forgivable within reasonable limits) and it’s not an elitist thing. it’s just a logical personal preference, in that i will lose respect for a guy i have to educate/break in, spiritually. they were painting all these colourful case scenarios where i’ll be telling my kids “don’t listen to daddy, he’s a noob” which were hilarious but all so very probable. i mean it’s one of those things you can totally imagine me saying, considering i’ve been telling guys they are noobs for the better part of my life (and sometimes theirs haha). so all i have to do is to find a guy who is not a noob. easier said than done, obviously.

we were also explaining to mf why it’s not so advisable for christians to date non-christians, again not an self-righteous/judgmental thing but a logical decision, considering how the priorities of the christian and the non-christian are different. if you start off with different premises there is no basis for a relationship. my priority will be God, and obeying God, and living according to His Word, whereas his will be me, or his job, and he will not understand why he is not my priority. and kids will just complicate things because you will want to give them a christian upbringing, a christian upbringing that your husband will not be able to partake in or to contribute to on account of his non-belief. there will be so many opportunities for conflict in your married life, so many things to disagree on just because you have different priorities. and in the case where you don’t, your priorities may be compromised – but our God is an absolute God. you cannot love God and money, just as you cannot love God and choose to obey your husband’s will instead of His. there is no room for compromise of christian priorities, no room for relativism. His entire Word is the truth, God-breathed, and you cannot detract from it, not even by an iota, and claim that a part of it could be made-up stories by men that lack the import of Jesus’ actual words. so in the event that a non-believer marries a believer, one of their faiths (or lack thereof) will be compromised, or the marriage will end badly, neither of which is a particularly desirable situation to be in. So to save us all the trouble and to flip to the end of the book, so to speak, you can circumvent all this grief by simply not getting into a relationship with someone of a different faith. this is something that i find not so clear to a lot of non-christians, and matters are not alleviated by teenage inter-faith relationships (i.e. christians that choose to date non-christians in their formative years) that further blur the line. i’m not judging, i have contributed to this misconception which is one of those things i’ll have to account to God for with great meekness. just that it’d be good if you see where we are coming from and not bother/try to capture our hearts.

**finally replied derrick! and here’s the picture that was hidden at the back of gareth’s postcard, that i thought was hilarious.

From the Perry Bible Fellowship, which presumably has nothing to do with christianity given the content of the comic.



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