Distractions II

skipped YA svc to go to wesley methodist since i was mtg eunice today. her kids were really cute! these sec 3 guys who were so difficult and… young. one of them had dimples! i had to teach him phys since he didn’t know how to do his phys homework. but youth min in general is really not for me. i’m too selfish to bring myself to be interested in what they are interested in, unless they need tuition and stuff like that. otherwise i can’t bond with them over window shopping or pool or dota etc. and their teenage issues just.. don’t interest me. i mean if one of those boys was spilling out their relationship woes to me i have a niggling suspicion that i’d burst out laughing at the cuteness of it all and he’d get super offended and never talk to me again.

we went to her place and watched io non ho paura! i’ve been pestering people to watch it with me for a long time but no one acquiesced before her. it was so intriguing her mum joined us halfway and started watching it too ^^ and it was in italian, not even one of those korean dramas that people of that demographic typically watch. (i’m not generalising, they really had these korean drama vcds on the table). played with her dog for a bit and she went off on one of her nagging sprees, telling me a bunch of things that i tuned out, except for the part about asking the Holy Spirit to guard my heart. because it’s actually good advice (surprised? lol). you need to separate the wheat from the chaff when she starts nagging. she also tried to defend extroverts and said it was perfectly normal for them to forget about you and hang out with their other friends until they get back to you – which is true, but that hardly qualifies as an excuse, much less a reason. it’s non-committal, and annoying, so i think i’m not gonna hang out with extroverted people for a bit. their behaviour is just too demeaning to be put up with, and screws you over emotionally every time esp if you have self esteem issues. bridget has a v. colourful term for this behaviour that is too un-PG for this place, but if you read Helen Fielding you can hazard a pretty good guess.

anyway we went back to my place for dinner and then to the racecourse for the opera performance. did you know she -never- drives above 60kmh? i mean that’s crazy! how she survives on the road is beyond me. maybe toddling along in the leftmost lane. my dad had to hijack the car and drive us to the racecourse. the performances were great, although i guess i still prefer a full opera. listening to like opera hits or excerpts just doesn’t have the same emotional buildup so you don’t experience the same things as when you hear the arias contextualised by the plot. also, there were kids. yep, kids. as in varmint. they were alright for the first aria, but about 3 songs into the performance they’d completely shed their masks and degenned into the monsters they are. one of them screamed like a banshee through the entire puccini, rivalling the soprano’s voice and she had a mike. the rest were talking to their parents, and the parents! before they had children i imagine they were functional, maybe even polite (although i’m not too hopeful about that) concert goers who’d apologise for coughing in the middle of a performance, but the kids change everything. now their world no longer includes other people, it centres around the kid, and the whole family unit forms a narcissistic little bubble where everything exists for the sole benefit of the child. courtesy floats unseen out the window and they no longer care if other concert goers are inconvenienced because their child is more important than anyone else. there shld be a SWAT team specially designed for neutralising children in concerts. i’d invent one of those prohibited signs with the red stroke across a bunch of children to be put up in the esplanade/vch. there’s a headline right now on the bbc ticker that says Sextuplets ‘are a gift from God’. One can see the need for quotation marks. i’d give that sentiment two months, tops, before it dies a natural death.



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