There was sports hour from 4.30 to 5.30 today. I went home and took Maddy on a little trip. I cycled on her to Upper Seletar Reservoir and got there in half an hour! amazing. I haven’t biked exercised in eons but cycling there wasn’t as bad as i thought, given that maddy’s wheels are really big. She was larger than I am used to, but we got on pretty well and I didn’t knock her up. I like gearless bikes, the new-fangled ones are too complicated.

There was this tree that reminded me of the trees in cornell. it was asymmetrical; one half of it was all abloom with little white flowers, and the other half was green. you have to check it out, it’s just opposite the tower, and you can literally draw a line down the middle and it’ll be all white on one side and all green on the other, like snow-white’s apple.

There were all kinds of birds. A stork flew overhead from the zoo. Jolly good, i think. i used to be really scared of them when I was at the spacewalk at the zoo, and they would perch themselves, bald-ugly things, on the pillars of the space walk and i wouldn’t dare to go near them because my parents said they bit. not sure how true that is now, but some lies your parents tell you stay with you forever. the elephants were still braying all the way across the reservoir from their enclosures. it’s such a familiar, comforting sound.

Singapore is officially beautiful again. the sky was all blue and pink, and dirty green beneath the clouds. There were a million colours because it was 7.00 and the sun was setting. My favourite clouds are those that are solid coloured, like a pool ball. None of that angel hair, feathery cumulocrap. Solid colours make a lovely silhouette, like God decided to go minimalist for a day. There was a patch of single-toned clouds just above the golf course which was my favourite patch of sky. i wonder if anyone from the company drives over here at 4.30 for a spot of golf. there’s the practice field and a proper course, which i think my brother used to practise at. there would be this sign right beside the pathway saying “do not go onto the slope. beware of flying golf balls.” i gather his golf must be as delightful as my tennis.

There were a few couples, i’ve nothing interesting to say about them. mostly, there were a lot of old people frantically jogging and puffing away to save the money they’d otherwise have to spend on artery vents in the future. those buggers can be expensive. finally, there were all these fishermen, perched by the waters. i remember how she wanted to marry a norwegian fisherman, and today i sort of understood why. it would be so peaceful to just sit and wait for a fish to bite your bait, the rest of the time you can be reading a book, or just humming and watching the sky purple into dusk. there was a fisherdude who brought his girlfriend with him and she was attaching the bait onto the hooks. they must be a pretty funky couple. one of the coolest people to date would be the guy who gets access through all those restricted gates in the reservoir. you could subtly persuade him to take you out on a boat in the middle of the reservoir and have a spot of fishing, or just jet around in one of those nifty little motorboats. i wonder who gets to unlock all those gates and drive around the motorboat. when i was young (meaning 5 yrs ago), i wanted to be the dude who drove the water-tractor through lower seletar reservoir (the one you see when you take the mrt from khatib to yck) trawling for seaweed. isn’t that the coolest job ever? you wake up in the morning, put on clunky fisherman boots, and plop into your water tractor to remove seaweed. would it ever be boring? you might meet crocodiles. and you get to talk to all the fishermen about their catches of the day. and frolic with the fish. there used to be tiger barb in that reservoir. until people like my family went there and hauled them all up in 1.5l bottles holed out and filled with bread for bait. good times.

I saw a foot long fish while i’d climbed over one of the restricted gates. it swam up to the surface to polish off a poor pond skater. also i went down the steps right to the edge of the water and my mudskippers were right where i left them! i started singing unchained melody in italian and they all darted away. obviously musical plebs. remember when you and i were there, mingsee? that was a good nachos day.

the clouds got into the water again. on one side was the moon, surrounded by the pale azure sky. on the other side was the sunset, streaking the sky with reds and goldens. and in the middle, the feathery clouds got into the water, and made it look like a faraway beach. clouds can play so many tricks in the water. the last time i saw clouds in the water was on the bridge over beebe lake, not the footbridge, the one further up where people gorge jump. there was all this foam swirling about, like the clouds in koyanisqaatsi. grah i left my philip glass scores in cornell. i could print the hours out again but i know i have a copy lying around somewhere.

living in the north gives you such awesome biking opportunities. i mean, sure, the east has ecp, but anyone can rent bikes there.

The Mundane Occurrence

One degree of crookedness, and the
dust slides off the frame onto the
pale-white coffee table rings
gone round and round again-
But they were not always there.

The papers are a prime example, them and
their “just-another” obituaries
made to order on the internet.
But you expected all this, in the same manner
you wore your raincoat out on a sunny April day.
Because you know the Facts Of Life:
That million predetermined constants that are unchanging
(like the missing zeroes at the end of your bank statement.)
Somewhere in the middle of all this life-changing inanity,
in some nameless, fameless, coffee joint, your heart will
break and someone will ask for a milk and two sugars.