I’m not sure if i missed the babies. There were almost no children/babies in cornell. it was strange, no crying, no sound of squeaky little voices, no inane questions, but also very little cuteness. When I was on the plane back i was reminded of how squally babies could be, as one a few seats in front of me was bawling his lungs inside out. come sunday i had to feed avocado yoghurt to baby jairus (whose acquaintance i was pleased to make just that sunday. he was born after i left) and play with baby joseph (2.5 yrs old). i gave him his crocodile book and he loved it. liansi had trained him such that when asked “where is jiejie ivana?” he would yell “new york!” which was so cute. he couldn’t even say my name the last time i’d seen him. and now he can recognise me and tug at my hand to take me places and thrust his little blue school bag at me to carry it for him. entitlement starts early, i see. he’d gone through my entire bonjela album on fb and liansi says i shld write a book with those photos.

did i miss the children? not particularly. they were cute, but i had all these hilary mckay books in my collection at cornell that were filled with the cutest children you could ask for. after reading about the exiles or the cassons there are few children you’d find more entertaining than them.

The shepherd’s pie ytd went well. yuanjun did the taters and carrots and said it’d be the first and last time he’s cooking. How boys can eat without any qualms about not helping out (preparing, washing up) is beyond me. he asked me if i’d expect my husband to help out in the kitchen. haha. i think not, actually. i prefer doing things solitarily, except the simplest, most menial tasks in which i suppose some man-muscle might be handy, like mashing potatoes. but even then some of them are too careless to be trusted with that and leave meteorite sized lumps in the taters. to be allowed in the kitchen you’ve got to take pride in your cooking and be willing to do things exactly right, without stinging on the work out of convenience, a characteristic that isn’t too prevalent in my guy friends. we also saw two weeks notice, which never gets old! but which also means i have to watch something else with occ.

the upside is, i found my library card! and my ez link card! and my ic and all that other junk in my dad’s drawer and now i can borrow books/dvds again. and i found out that carol is working buona vista so i guess i’ll get to see a lot of her. :) she refused to pick up any of my calls because my home number was foreign and she thought i was a pesky insurance salesman who wouldn’t stop calling. (i never pick up for foreign numbers either). i asked her which too-free insurance salesman would want to call a penniless college student like herself! who spends her paychecks on new gamecards instead of saving it for a rainy day. if she’s not spending it on gamecards she’s splurging it on holidays with me :) we are both bad customers for insurance salespeople.



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