Comin’ back home

most people were really glad to be back. i can’t say i’m one of them. i felt no overwhelming waves of nostalgia sweep by me when i went back to my house. the stairs were the same. the couch was the same. the tables and chairs and fans were the same. the walls were the same horrible puce and peach. the tv became flatter.
the smells.. all the smells of old, forgotten loves still infested my room.
at least my books and movies are all there. the soft toys.. have disappeared. my little tykes bed is still there, which i am happy about. they changed my pillows and bolster and comforter, something i was rather disgruntled about. and my clothes smelt all musty because nobody had been wearing them and neither had they been aired. now they are all hanging along the banister getting aired.

somethings i really missed.
1. the dao hui. i had dao hui in nyc from chinatown and it was nowhere as good as the one back home.
2. the ice lollies. or popsicles, whatever you will. this is the only kind of weather you’d truly enjoy a good popsicle in. and there were no popsicles in ithaca. I had a grape popsicle on my way back from lunch (云吞面) and it was awesome.
3. my piano. all my music was still there, covered in a dust sheet. my dad and i carted my music down from my room to the piano. the folks complained and asked why i couldn’t just pick what i wanted to play and bring that down – clearly people who do not understand. i need my entire music collection. so i can just play whatever i feel like playing on a whim. so far i’ve gotten through quite a bit. i found out that i had merry christmas mr. lawrence , like the original sakamoto score and not a transcription! so i did that, i did selena’s dreaming of you, chopins ballades nos. 1 and 3, moonlight sonata (yes i know i have very banal scores), bolling’s suite for flute and piano, the baroque and blue and sentimentale movement, satie’s gnossienne no. 1, bach’s toccata in e minor, bach’s prelude from the third english suite, bach’s prelude and fugue no. 12 in f minor, bach’s prelude no. 2 in c minor, and schubert’s impromptu no. 3 in Gb major. that was about it, i think. i really ought to play cooler things. perhaps i’ll go print fauré’s sicilienne and work through that. i left some music back in ithaca, including the philip glass so things here are a little haphazard since all the music i’d been practising is back there. i love the touch of my piano, even though one or two keys are still buzzing. it’s still amazingly in tune, even though my folks haven’t tuned it for the past year. and nobody’s been playing it while i’ve been away, which makes me really sad.

other than that. singapore now seems really ugly in comparison to the cornell campus. there are no tulips, or daffodils, or pine trees, or gorges, or waterfalls, or lakes. well, to be fair i haven’t exactly been out of yishun so there are no lakes yet. once i get back to traipsing halfway across the island perhaps my need for beauty will be satisfied. also, now i am disoriented by the traffic and look left instead of right first, which means i am liable to be knocked down anytime in the next few days ><.



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