F sharp major

I thought this was really funny. and wickedly accurate.

The most individualistic of all key signatures, F sharp Majors take self-centeredness to a whole new level. F sharp Majors are intelligent but elitistic, and usually see themselves as above other key signatures. It is true that very few songs are written in F sharp Major, as few other chords can fit well with this key signature. So it is with real life: because of their self-centeredness, F sharp Majors have few, though loyal, friends, and can sometimes be seen as antisocial. F sharp Majors can learn a lot from E Majors and A Majors, granted that they are willing to swallow their pride. F sharp Majors also finds B Minors interesting, and they can also have a good relationship together.

Of all the nice, pleasant, major keys i could have been, I turned out to be F sharp major. all my friends are mild things like A major or C major. trust me to get the most elitist one.
Anyway I’m not antisocial. I am social, just with very few people. that doesn’t mean i despise or object to sociableness or society in anyway. i just. choose my company.



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