The Very Clever Crocodile

Yesterday I brought my ‘Very Clever Crocodile’ to my math research meeting to us as a backing to copy down the working on Hubbard’s whiteboard. actually i was going to return it to the seller since the set was incomplete (I didn’t get ‘The Very Friendly Firefly’) and I’d ordered a new set from another bookseller. hanrong commented on my degenerating changing literary tastes and i showed him the book while Hubbard took a coffee break. when he got back he totally pounced on my book and really loved it! i like how he’s such an old man and such a small child at the same time – those type of people are the coolest. he asked me if it was for like a little brother or sister, or if it was actually for myself. to tell the truth, i really want to keep it. the pop-ups are so amazing! He loved the piranhas (as did i), and the chameleon’s sticking out tongue. and then he told us a story about a warthog in south africa that chased some visiting lion cubs out of its watering hole. We then suggested that the next edition of his book be a pop-up version, with k-parallelograms that can be opened into higher dimensions, a popup of the monkey-saddle, etc. wouldn’t that be awesome? then i thought about cool ways of structuring my dissertation and came up with the brilliant idea of animating a particular mapping (like the Loewner evolution with changing parameters) in my dissertation as a flip-book. That’s a good 200 pages out of the way. On the outside the dissertation may look huge and forbidding but on the inside I could have 200 pages dedicated to a short movie about SLE. or perhaps put that section in a lower margin so there will still be some content. and then on the first page i can write a little footnote about how you’re supposed to go about viewing the graph window in the margin. that would be awesome.

It’s strange that we have such similar tastes. He will be greatly missed at cornell. perhaps i will see him in my third year. I will have at the chocolate cake this monday or so, and perhaps get a piece to him. :)

Laurie sent me to wegmans today, and got me back, so in fact i did not have to look up the bus schedules today. that was really awesome of her. i’m not sure how i’m getting down there tomorrow though, to play the special music. I practised with Emily today and she’s a really expressive trumpeteer. We’re going to do Be Thou My Vision, and hopefully it’ll go well. we played it all of 3 times today and it went okay. She knows what she wants out of it, which is great. I like playing with people who know what they want.



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