The oppressed

I think it’s really sad how Americans can immediately tell that my spelling is different from theirs. What, do they not read a single word of British literature? It’s a far greater tradition than theirs, at any rate, what with their stream-of-consciousness and slapstick sense of humour. Suddenly it impresses me that my teachers have to teach us the difference between British and American spelling. Sulfur and Sulphur, color and colour. Because we read both types of literature and we are actually exposed. Our exposure to both British and American literature is so homogeneous that we actually can’t see the difference between the spellings.

Apparently the US of A is self-sufficient and does not see the need for any other cultural/literary input apart from their own. After all, isn’t American culture the epitomé of profundity?

Okay, I am just being bitter. And disgusted. I suppose their system of spelling is more ecofriendly in that it saves ink when they omit all the ‘u’s from their ‘our’s (as in favo[u]r), their double consonants from their present participles (as in counsel[l]ing), their ‘ue’s from their ‘g’s (as in catalog[ue]), and their ‘me’s from their ‘m’s (as in program[me]). yes. we should all use american spelling because it uses less toner. oh frabjous day!



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