I trooped by the ISSO today to get my Social Security Number form, since i’m going to be a legal employee of Cornell university as of tomorrow. Theoretically I am one, as of today, but I haven’t got my forms settled yet. And there were a billion forms to fill out. Sometimes I don’t think it’s worth it, considering I’m only going to be earning something like $10 a week with my 2 concerts, but then i do want to do wedding concerts, which will pay more, and probably my pay will increase with time. It just doesn’t seem that worth it, to have to do tax forms and all, for a miserly $10 a week. ‘Twill probably buy me one paperback off amazon every week, which is a pretty good way of looking at it.

Because of my accent the receptionist at the ISSO looked really perturbed when he asked me which department of Cornell I was working under.
“Cornell chimes.”
“Cornell tribes?”
“And.. what’s your post?”
“Tribes-master?” (wonderingly) “Never heard of that one before.”
I swear he had this totally weirded out look on his face and wondered what the university was doing hiring tribesmasters, as if we weren’t going through a recession.
I had the impression he’d heard me right the first time round, and so he handed the green slip for me to take to social security administration, and had written “Cornell tribes” and “Tribesmaster” in all seriousness on the line and then i sniggered. He looked really embarrassed when I told him I was a chimesmaster.

I adore cute receptionists. But I abhor all this paperwork! I don’t see why payroll can’t just leave 10 bucks in my mailbox every week/every month and be done with it. Now I have to make a trip downtown just to get my SSN. I suppose that will make me eligible for membership to more stores, and for amazon visa. I filled in 4 separate forms today to become an employee and to get the money routed straight to my checking account. i didn’t know how to fill half the blanks and I asked Cindy if i could make it up and she said I was going to get her and me in trouble. I think whichever department makes up these inane forms (Homeland security, probably) is just asking for a little fudge. Honestly. What’s an employee number? is that the same as my ID number? or what is an alien number? is it my foreign passport number? or my sevis number? Sometimes I think they have all these different numbers so as to create jobs for the 306 million people in this blessed country.

The cool part about all this is that my CU id card will allow me to access the tower literally forever, as long as I don’t lose it. All alumni are allowed to go up and play as and when they want or are in the area. I’ll have to turn in the tower keys when I retire though. poo.



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