A good postal day

It is only slightly disturbing that while I am filling my water bottles at the water fountain the stream of water suddenly retracts when someone flushes the toilet. I am going to have to inquire of my engineer friends about this hopefully false reaction of the water pressure.

Today’s mailbox returns were very satisfactory. Some people (a lot of people) owe me their letters yet, and postcards to throw into the mix. I have been faithfully replying everyone, but many of my friends in the UK are on easter break. when they do return they will be swotting for their exams, and no one will have time to take notice of me. it’s a cryin’ shame, that everyone’s decided to be caught up with their studies which affords far less pleasure than a proper friendship. Friendships can’t be conducted in that 5 minutes before and after class – you’ve got to take care of them and make time for them, a concept lost on some people. I do miss hong quan. He always made time for me.

Anyway, I got two postcards – one from Deutschland and one from the Netherlands, where my uncle lives. Twasn’t from my uncle though, both were products of Postcrossing, which I have rejoined. I’ve started a new chain of postcards on my wall to replace the last photo installation Under a Blanket of Blue. Currently there are 7 postcards on it, from Hong Kong, China, Cambridge, New Zealand, Portugal, and the two additions from today. I think the people I sent postcards to were much more pleased to get postcards from Singapore than from the United States, which has 326 201 postcards to date, the second largest sender of postcards on the site. Undoubtedly the first is Finland. Singapore has 13 052.

Other things that arrived in the mail was a receipt from Campus Crusade, to whom I donated $50 to a Guatamalan mission trip, only to find that the money has been used for a scholarship to the U of Vermont. Let’s hope that scholarship was for an impoverished Guatamalan dude. Also, a type-written letter from Gareth! With a DVD of Paris :) Did you know that the New York Public Library has a type-writer for whoever wants to use it? And you get to print 10 sheets B&W a day, which means that you can basically apply for jobs, etc. without having to pay a cent, apart from postage. I remember printing my transcript there and dispatching it off to my agency in the winter. Of course, you’ve got to be a member, which wasn’t difficult to wrangle, given my school ID. The last item in the mail was a slip for me to collect a package from the postal service center, and it was The Confessions of Max Tivoli! I will definitely be abandoning Anne’s House of Dreams for that tomorrow. I’ve been ploughing through books like a bulldozer recently.



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