My brother

So there are all those links up now at the side, and they’re all full names except for Aaron. Who is this mysterious chap? It’s not as if he is as renowned as Dante (who people refer to by his first name presumably because his last name [Alighieri] is too difficult to pronounce). I am not sure that there aren’t other Dantes. I suppose you can’t very well appellate Beethoven, Ludwig or Mozart, Wolfie, because there are plenty of other Ludwigs and Wolfgangs. I asked my Italian insegnante why it is that people use ‘Dante’ instead of ‘Alighieri’ and she says it’s because there is only one Dante. 5 bucks to anyone who is bored enough to prove that true. I personally am very skeptical.

Well, back to Aaron, he is my brother. It is a rather commonplace thing, brothers are, I just thought I’d mention that because his name stands out from the rest by dint of its obscurity.

About him. He’s two years older than me (22 this year.) I’ve never really talked much to him because.. well just because. I don’t know why. You know how the Bible has this 500 years of silence between the Old Testament and the New Testament? Well it’s something like that, only on a much smaller scale. We used to play a bit when we were growing up, scuffles, soccer at home (bad idea), Cosmo’s cosmic adventures!, etc. And then we just didn’t talk. Were arch-enemies for a bit, he really annoyed me when I was in secondary school. I had to practise the piano, obviously, because I am first and foremost a music student and I was taking piano exams all throughout secondary school and jc. This happened sometimes while he was watching tv or doing something equally inane, upon which he’d start doing something noisy to rival my piano playing. A recommendation? If you have kids, make sure you give them separate soundproof rooms.

The long and short of it is he became less of an asswipe (far as I can tell) and is now studying law at NUS. We’ve always been polar opposites. He totally flunked math in his A levels and I am currently majoring in math. He’s also always been the sporty one, with occasional (rather sad) dabbles into the piano and the violin. He only got really good at the bass and the classical guitar, which was great because it meant we had something like 4 guitars in the house, and a rather sweet Ibanez. He never taught me how to play the guitar though, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of learning, doesn’t it. I suppose guitar playing is one of those things that are too easy to require actual lessons. Anyone can pick it up. Try it. I mean you’re not going to be Malmsteen or Hendrix, but you can get good enough to play some decent tunes.

I’ve put his link up because he’s got some pretty good pictures on his site (some of which are mine). He’s also very special, of that very finite class of people who live life beyond the surface. As we grow older, I find ourselves becoming more alike, with interests that actually converge.

Now you know he exists. Stop asking me if I’m an only child.



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