While cleaning up all the flickr hosted pictures on here and turning them into google hosted ones, I stumbled upon this post from 5 years ago. Redid the quiz, and now got Singaporean as a dialect. I wonder how I answered differently from last time, where their top choice for me was South African? Now, they have also identified that I have spent more time in the US, which probably comes from all the sentences I approved as sounding grammatical (but actually are not) like “John works Tuesdays” etc. I’m not sure why they would choose my dialect as such but predict such a bizarre native language so incongruous with the dialect.

It took me about a month but I’m proud to say I’ve completely overhauled ALL the pictures on my food blog and rehosted them to Google, so good riddance to flickr. They did a good job hosting while the free storage lasted. What I did do was buy a 2Tb external hard drive and backed up my photos to that again, so I have two backups (in case either HDD fails). I have no real need for high resolution on the cloud, so google will suffice. It also took google about 2 months to identify all the faces in my photos, which seems longer than average. Their systems must be overloaded. Everyone else who started backing up to google photos earlier than I did said it took a matter of days.

Edit: This blog has been overhauled too! It’s getting kinda age-y, by which I mean while rehosting posts that go back to 2007-2009, some old posts made me cringe, although not as badly as they did in my school days. Please do NOT look for them. Some poetry is still pretty good though! Although a bunch of others need to be overhauled, but that is definitely too much work for now. Everything else was put on hold while I was rehosting the pictures.

After binge watching ‘I live alone’ for the past week (I probably got through 30 episodes while rehosting?) I have decided that my 2019 crush will be Kian84. It is not often I have a crush on people who are less good looking than my husband :P But this guy is simply adorably socially inept. It is also not often I find social ineptitude adorable but stranger things have happened. When he smiles he looks just like one of those roly poly facebook stickers.

I bet he will be chuffed to find out that I went from crushing on TOP of Big Bang to him lol. TOP is still my phone’s wallpaper, which is always fun to explain to the kids we play with/babysit here sometimes. Z keeps trying to convince them that the guy on my phone is himself and that he is that good-looking :P The problem with Kian84 is that he is so low-key (he’s not even blue ticked on ig) that barely anything with him in it has been translated, whereas with Big Bang literally everything (radio show, podcast, variety show) that they are in would have an english subbed version floating about in some dusty corner of the internets. I like him but not quite enough to learn Korean properly. I’m getting better at the alphabet though, when they caption things in ‘I live alone’ I can make out most of the consonants and the more frequent vowels. Which of course doesn’t necessarily translate to understanding.

NB: Kian84 is his handle as a cartoonist, Kian refers to where he was born, and 84 refers to his birth year. His actual name is Kim Hee Min.

Done (2018)

Final copy for 2018. This year was characterized by a humongous intake of Big Bang – particularly after I discovered TOP in his first movie Nineteen. Watched it, it didn’t really make an impression except for his rapping at the end, and when I finally looked up who that rapper was maybe 1 month after I watched the movie I started watching all his music videos and had fallen down the Big Bang rabbit hole. I must be a certified VIP (that’s what they call their fanbase) if my husband sings their songs unconsciously while doing his work. We also watched quite a lot of variety shows this year, in addition to my regular Happy Together intake we started on Please Take Care of my Fridge and now, I Live Alone, and all the Music Festival mudo episodes. That will probably explain why so little reading/piano practice got done :P It takes real dedication to watch tv. There was also a half hearted stab at clearing some Prime Video things off my watchlist before I delete my prime account next year, which introduced me to the quite marvellous Mrs Maisel (how can Emily Nussbaum not like her? Like. Why?) , and allowed me to finally start and finish Downton Abbey, which my Ithaca mum loves so much but I’d never watched enough to find out why. We also had one week of access to our friend’s Netflix account while house sitting for them, which let me complete two seasons of the Great British Bake Off :P We may be house sitting again in 2 months, which will hopefully let me complete more seasons. Anyway we will likely get our own Netflix subscription once we move back. I just never really saw the need, not when I have so many other things to watch that are not on netflix. Probably 50% of why I get it would be for our parents.

Books read:
1. In the Distance; Hernan Diaz
2. Night Vision, National Geographic
3. Princess Diaries; Meg Cabot
4. Royal Crush; Meg Cabot
5. Place of Secrets; Rachel Hore
6. Amelia Bedelia; Peggy Parish
7. Queen of Babble; Meg Cabot
8. Queen of Babble in the Big City; Meg Cabot
9. Queen of Babble Gets Hitched; Meg Cabot
10. Mount Emily; Low Ying Ping (eh. Was expecting something about Ovidia Yu’s standard but this was like a secondary school composition)
11. Under One Sky; anthology – hit and miss.
12. Velouria; Daren Shiau
13. Death of a Perm Sec; Wong Souk Yee
14. Boy Next Door; Meg Cabot
15. Boy Meets Girl; Meg Cabot
16. Every Boy’s Got One; Meg Cabot
17. The Boy is Back; Meg Cabot
18. All American Girl; Meg Cabot
19. Ready or not; Meg Cabot
20. Heartwishes; Jude Deveraux
21. Highland Velvet; Jude Deveraux
22. Wabi Sabi: For Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers; Leonard Koren
23. She Went All The Way; Meggin Cabot
24. Change of Heart; Jude Deveraux
25. Kyoto: A Landscape Meditation; Hiroshi Masaki
26. Gardens of Gravel and Sand; Leonard Kohen
27. Can’t we talk about something more pleasant?; Roz Chast
28. The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes
29. Jack and Jill; L.M. Alcott
30. How to be Italian, Lou D’Angelo
31. Pippi Longstocking; Astrid Lindgren
32. These Islands; Rosa Park (Cereal publication on the British Isles)
33. Letters to a Young Poet; Rainer Maria Rilke
34. The Shoemaker’s Wife; Adriana Trigiani
35. Defying Gravity; Roger Mcgough
36. My First Wife; Jakob Wasserman
37. The Fry Chronicles; Stephen Fry (this was so good…rekindled my love for British comics. A man after my own heart, we fangirl over the same people! And I just found out he’s only 90% gay and was totally gonna ask Rowan Atkinson’s exwife out before Rowan Atkinson snuck in before him)

Now reading: Doctor Thorne, Anthony Trollope

Dramas completed:
1. Temptation (2014)
2. Cheese in the trap
3. What’s Up, Fox (this was awful!)
4. The Page Turner (microdrama)
5. Squad 38
6. Pride and Prejudice (watched with Chris, who humoured me :P)
7. Emma
8. Return (2018)
9. Lucky Romance
10. The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop (2016-17)
11. Angry Mom
12. I am Sam (T.O.P was sooo young in here! Glad to say his acting has improved a lot since then :P)
13. Voice
14. Suits
15. My Mister
16. Iris (T.O.P’s part is toooo small! Also I’m not really sure what happened at the end >.>)
17. Secret Message (another very unclear plot)
18. Reunited Worlds (watched for Lee Yeon Hee! I really like her diction. The drama got kinda draggy towards the end, and the writers didn’t seem to tie in small details from the front, like how Hae Sung couldn’t use mobile phones. And here I was thinking everything would become a major plot point :S Would be better with less crying, couply angst, and in 16 episodes instead of 20.)
19. The Package (2017) – watched for Lee Yeon Hee. Review in a Roman Holiday.
20. Wok of Love/Greasy Melo (This made us so…o hungry!)
21. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (The plot got lost somewhere halfway down the road after the kidnapping thing was resolved. Nearly the entire second half was fluff!)
22. Are you human, too? (2018)
23. Lady of Dignity (2017) – not bad at all
24. A Poem A Day
25. Noona who buys me food (2018) – This was so exquisite, especially the piano tracks. So well acted by Jung Hae In, despite his young age. Directed by the same guy who directed Secret Love Affair, this director really seems to like noona-dongsaeng love stories.
26. Queen of Mystery (2017)
27. Queen of Mystery 2
28. Miss Hammurabi
29. Anne with an E, Season 1 (this was pretty good! I didn’t mind that they deviated from the plot a bit with different crises, all the characters’ personalities were pretty well preserved)
30. Anne with an E, Season 2
31. The Great British Bake Off Collection 1 (Netflix)
32. The Great British Bake Off Collection 2 (Netflix)
33. Let’s Eat 3 (2018)
34. Upstairs Downstairs Season 1
35. Upstairs Downstairs Season 2
36. Downton Abbey Season 1
37. Downton Abbey Season 2
38. Downton Abbey Season 3
39. Downton Abbey Season 4
40. Scholar who walks the night (really not into vampire tv shows)
41. Player (2018)
42. The smile has left your face (2018)
43. 100 Days My Prince
44. Downton Abbey Season 5
45. Downton Abbey Season 6
46. Doctor Thorne (Prime Video)
47. Home Fires Season 1
48. Home Fires Season 2
49. The Marvelous Mrs Maisel Season 1
50. The Marvelous Mrs Maisel Season 2
51. Voice 2 (the ending was so unsatisfactory, LZ and I both felt quite wtf after the last ep)
52. Radio Romance (absence of eye candy)

Now watching: Live, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Fushigi Yugi (abandoned), SKY Castle

Movies watched:
1. Never Been Kissed
2. Marriage Blue
3. All about my wife
4. Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (frightfully fluffy and totally departs from Meg Cabot’s original series. It would have been better if they were faithful.)
5. The Stepmom
6. Four Weddings and a Funeral (loved it! Understood it so much better the second time around :P)
7. Confessions of a Shopaholic
8. Must Love Dogs
9. Keeping Mum (dark. Mr Bean makes an appearance as a normal human! Well. As normal as he can be anyway.)
10. 50 First Dates (Adam Sandler’s humor is crass and slapstick.)
11. My Old Lady (Dame Maggie Smith. She’s excellent at playing all these roles nowadays. V. similar to A. Bennett’s Lady in the Van.)
12. A Room with a View (Boring! Jane Austen is much better at this.)
13. Just Friends (I forgot how charming Ryan Reynolds is fat. His lip sync cracks me up every time)
14. Mr Bean’s Holiday (The little french boy looks so much like Jean Baptiste Maunier. French boys are adorable.)
15. Bad Moms (Not terrible script! Mila Kunis’ acting is so much better than in That 70’s show)
16. Date Night (Quite funny, and stressful when they did all that damage to the audi :S)
17. The Concubine (I knew she was going to kill him in the end!)
18. Hysteria (love Maggie Gyllenhaal)
19. Sweet Home Alabama (Reese Witherspoon was great in this one. The southern accent is so cute.)
20. Gosford Park (rather intriguing but I was watching while brailling Amelia Bedelia so may not have retained all that much. Maggie Smith has some zingers as usual.)
21. Miracle in Cell no. 7 (Super good!!!)
22. All About Steve (a lot about crosswords! More like All About Mary, but there’s already a There’s Something about Mary.)
23. Miss Congeniality (2000)
24. While you were sleeping (1994) – in a Sandra Bullock phase!
25. Definitely, Maybe – probably my third time watching this but I had completely forgotten who the mum is and who he ended up with :S Ryan Reynolds is so fine
26. The Proposal (2009)
27. Hope Floats (1998)
28. Love of my life
29. Did you hear about the Morgans?
30. Nineteen (omg the rapper in here is amazing)
31. Indescribable (Terrible. Never watching Christian movies again. The acting and script and everything was so bad I think someone on Rotten Tomatoes said it takes legitimate talent to make something so bad.)
32. Quigley Down Under (Quite funny but kinda yankophilic. I watched for Alan Rickman, who was so foppish in this one! They made Tom Selleck look like such a good guy and all the British look ridiculous.)
33. The Wedding Singer
34. A Royal Night Out (Totally did not recognize Rupert Everett as the king!)
35. Arthur Newman (Colin Firth!)
36. Begin Again (Keira Knightley sang some pretty good tracks in here.)
37. Kingsman: The Golden Circle (watched for Colin Firth! This Eggsy guy is pretty cute though)
38. Chihayafuru 1 (crazy people playing karuta. The female lead looks astonishingly like Yoo Rahel from the Heirs)
39. Chihayafuru 2
40. Say Anything (I didn’t know it was set in Seattle!)
41. Canola (2016) – Love Kim Go Eun. Choi Minho played such a minor role.
42. Laggies (2014) – so many recognizable parts of the set! When I first saw the vegetation and the grocery outlet I knew it had to be filmed out here.
43. Tazza 2: The Hidden Card (T.O.P is so swoony!!!!)
44. Commitment
45. Miss you already (Toni Colette and Drew Barrymore, who somehow never ages)
46. Hotel Chevalier
47. Collateral Beauty
48. Miracle in Cell no. 7
49. Hotel Chevalier
50. Nine Months (Hugh Grant is so young here!)
51. Nineteen (first thing I watched with T.O.P in it – see entry 30. Wasn’t really paying attention the first time.)
52. Socialphobia (watched for Ryu Jun Yeol! He was great as Mr. Babble.)
53. 71: Into the Fire (Tabi did an amazing job, especially after I saw him in I am Sam and Iris. His acting was much improved here, military movies really suit him.)
54. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
55. Magic in the Moonlight
56. Atonement (2007)
57. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
58. Coraline
59. He’s just not that into you
60. Crazy Rich Asians (this was so good!!)
61. The Cat Funeral
62. The Post (watched in Maui with that redbox card that came included with the hotel fee)
63. A Wrinkle In Time (Also watched in Maui. omg this was so bad. I can’t believe how bad they made it. What a waste of such a diverse cast!)
64. Wonderful Nightmare (2015) (beautiful Song Seung Heon!)
65. An Ideal Husband
66. Mother and Child
67. She’s Happy That Way
68. A Taxi Driver (2017) (This was so amazing!! Exciting and funny at the same time. The Danish cookies were a cute touch.)
69. The White Countess (Ralph Fiennes, and a very familiar looking old woman. Not a very attention arresting story however.)
70. A Walk in the Woods (watched for Emma Thompson. Her role was so small though)
71. Hippopotamus (Movie version of Stephen Fry’s book. Didn’t recognize any of the actors! The protagonist has the same demeanour as Fry though.)
72. Sweet Revenge
73. Little Forest (Ryu Jun Yeol is so cute here. Loved the entire movie, especially the country cooking segments)
74. The Accidental Detective 2 (Is there a 1?? I have to watch it!)
75. Alone in Berlin (super beautiful score)
76. Finding Mr. Right (cute chinese romcom set in Seattle with Tang Wei, who reminds me so much of Michelle)
77. Cafe Society (Woody Allen movie on prime video)
78. Match Point (watched for the handsome Matthew Goode, who is Henry Talbot in Downton Abbey! I’d seen him (and liked him) in Match Point before Downton actually)
79. An Education (screenplay by Nick Hornby)
80. Sunshine Cleaning
81. Lost in Translation
82. Men, Women, and Children
83. Christmas with the Kranks (2004) – wow a $6100 christmas is unthinkable. Wtf is hickory honey ham? And how good is it exactly? I can’t believe people hire professional photographers for their christmas cards. That is… insane.
84. Love at the Christmas Table (Feels like a made for TV movie, i.e. don’t watch it)
85. Under the Greenwood Tree
86. The Family Stone – probably my 3rd or 4th time, still great!
87. Mr Bean’s Holiday
88. Final Recipe (with Michelle Yeoh and Henry. Impossible to find the original English version that is not dubbed over in Chinese. I really dislike Chinese dubbed voices. They all sound so slimy and insurance salesperson-y, and ruined Henry for me.)
Now watching:

Games played:
1. Go Stop
2. That’s my fish!
3. Saboteur
4. Bang the dice game
5. Bohnanza
6. Citadels
7. Through the Ages
8. Overcooked
9. Drawful 2
10. Bang
11. Oceanopoly
12. Decrypto
13. Carcassonne

Piano pieces learning:
1. Je Te Veux; Satie
2. Piano Concerto no. 2, mvt III; Rachmaninoff, arr. by Grainger

Fish log

Here is a log of the wish we saw while snorkelling the last 9 days:

Our underwater camera case gave out on Keawakapu beach (on our second day) so we quickly bought a rugged point and shoot camera from Target on Maui. I love big box stores! They make human oversights and mistakes so much less financially punitive.

Butterfly fish

Melon butterflyfish (Malolo, Honolua)

Ornate butterflyfish (Malolo, Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Long nose butterflyfish or forcepsfish (Honolua)

Multiband butterflyfish (Honolua)

Teardrop butterflyfish (Malolo, Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Four spot butterflyfish (Malolo, Palauea, Keawakapu)

Raccoon butterflyfish (Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Threadfin butterflyfish (Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Acanturidae – Surgeonfish, triggerfish, tangs

Yellow tang (Malolo)

Pink tail triggerfish (Malolo)

Orange spine unicornfish (Malolo, Palauea, Keawakapu, Kapalua, Honolua)

Black Durgon (Malolo, Honolua)

Convict surgeonfish (Palauea)

Wedgetail triggerfish (Hawaii’s state fish) (Malolo, Palauea, Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Blue spine unicornfish (Malolo, Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Kole Tang

Eyestripe surgeonfish

Brown surgeonfish (the one in the top left corner) (Malolo, Palauea, Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Lei triggerfish (Malolo)


Yellowfin goatfish (Palauea, Kapalua)

Manybar goatfish (Palauea, Keawakapu)

Yellow stripe goatfish (Malolo, Palauea, Kapalua)

White saddle goatfish


Five stripe wrasse (Kapalua)

Christmas wrasse (Keawakapu)

Saddle wrasse (Malolo, Palauea, Keawakapu, Kapalua) (endemic)

Bird wrasse (Malolo, Honolua)


Black tail snapper

Blue stripe snapper (Honolua)

Sergeant fish

Hawaiian Sergeant (Malolo, Palauea, Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Blackspot sergeant (Honolua)

Puffers and boxfish

Spotted boxfish (Kapalua, Honolua)

Stripe belly puffer (Kapalua)

Hawaiian white spotted puffer – this little guy was like an inch across! (Malolo, Keawakapu)

Long fish

Trumpetfish (Malolo, Honolua)

Cornetfish (Keawakapu, Malolo, Kapalua)


Stareye parrotfish (female)

Ember parrotfish (Malolo, Honolua)


Hawaiian dascyllus (endemic)

Peacock grouper (Malolo, Kapalua, Honolua)

Hawaiian Lizardfish (Honolua)

Blackside hawkfish

Gray chub/brassy chub (Honolua)

Moorish Idol (Kapalua)

Black sea cucumber (Kapalua)

Green sea turtle (Malolo, Keawakapu, Kapalua)

Barred filefish (Keawakapu, Kapalua, Honolua)

Bluefin trevally (Palauea, Honolua)


Unknown – any help ID-ing appreciated (Malolo)

Total: 50 species spotted. Not pictured: Moray eel at Keawakapu beach the day our camera case gave out and that I could not find again.

Magic in the Moonlight

When the movie started with Colin Firth in chinese make up and costume I burst out laughing.

“Can I get an autograph please?”
“Autographs are for mental defectives.”
“But I want to prove I met you!”
“Well if you don’t mind, I’d rather that proof didn’t exist. What if you get picked up for sodomy?”

You do… something.. to me
Something, that simply mystifies me
Tell me, why should it be?
You have the pow’r to hypnotize me..

“There is.. no real thing, Howard. It’s all phony. From the seance table, to the Vatican, and beyond! I can’t believe you’re saying this.”
(Colin Firth is SO adorable when he’s upset, he channels a very similar vibe to David Mitchell on one of his rants. Except more handsome. I have a very soft spot for angry British men)

“If only you had a slightly milder disposition, you might actually have friends!” (reminds me of someone :P)
“Now when you say your mental impressions are cloudy.. are they cumulus clouds, or cirrus?”

“Yes that’s correct and rather amazing. But I don’t buy it. ‘Cause I’m a rational man, who believes in a rational world. Any other way lies madness.”

“At first I could not believe that you could betray me like that, but, as you know, I am a misanthrope. That people do unsconscionable things does not run counter to my normal view of humanity.”

“I have irrational positive feelings for Sophie Baker! It’s like witnessing a magic trick I can’t figure out.”

The movie was just adorable. I loved him in this! Not more than I loved him as Mr. Darcy, but he was extremely similar to Mr. Darcy here, and so confused all the time by the irrationality of love. I also loved how sarcastic and humbuggy he was all the time. And how promptly he stopped himself in the middle of his prayer.
“My common sense tells me I’m falling into a seductive morass of sugarcoated claptrap because I want my aunt to be alright.”

If only more people would say that at deathbeds!

Z the baby magnet

My husband is a baby magnet. Kids of all ages gravitate to him and love doing stuff with him, I don’t know what it is about his demeanour, his face, they just feel attracted to doing something to him. Kids are to Z as cats are to a human. They boss him around, tackle him to the ground and tickle him, block his path when he goes places… just on our flight to Maui today a toddler who was being walked up and down the plane aisle reached out and bashed a key on his keyboard while he was typing. Every single time the toddler passed he reached out and contributed to Z’s research paper.

Our neighbor’s kid Asher has also gotten into the habit of blocking Z’s path whenever he leaves the house or comes back home, demanding a password before he lets Z through. He randomly started doing it one day and hasn’t stopped, and now if Z needs to go anywhere and he can see Asher lurking out the window he waits for me to come with him, because of course I repel kids, and Asher doesn’t dare to approach him when I’m around.

Sample conversation between A and Z:
A sees Z approaching from afar and runs to the middle of the path, sticking his arms out to block Z’s passage.
A: What’s the password?
Z: (Seeing that A is holding a transformer toy) Transformers.
A: No.
Z: Dog.
A: No.
Z: Gimme a hint.
A: It starts with a ‘P’.
Z: Phone.
A: Phone doesn’t start with ‘P’! *gives Z a look of disdain*
Z: You might want to check with your parents about that. Pet.
A: It comes out of you. (naturally)
Z: Pee.
A: *triumphantly* Poop!

I think they can tell that Z is on their wavelength. He certainly behaves like it! Today when we were looking for our flight to Kahului, Maui on the departures board to find a gate number he actually looked under the letter H for the destination ‘Hawaii’. I have to write this down here so I will never forget to make fun of him for that. Such mental dereliction usually only occurs in the greatest minds or the greatest fools. I have my hopes that he is the former, but one can never quite tell.

Once he came back from an errand at the bank with a lollipop (for me lol) and because Asher was blocking his path he gave Asher my lollipop in lieu of the password. I’ve tried to look friendlier to Asher and say hi to him when I leave the house but he always cowers in a corner ands stares at me without a word. I don’t know whether to feel relieved or hurt. In any case I hope Asher gives this treatment to all strange looking people in our estate; he makes a fine guard.

Maui is… so damp! And warm! It is just like Singapore, but a tad less humid (and a lot more run down). The feeling when we step out of the car’s AC into the regular air is so familiar. There are also a lot of palm trees and albizia trees and frangipani trees everywhere, I guess we are truly back in the tropics! The sunsets here are way more spectacular though, and you can also see more stars at night, although since it is more damp here one sees fewer stars. It is kind of more warm than I’d like (Seattle is actually perfect now) but at least I guess that means the water temperature should be perfect for snorkeling. All the weather forecasts (on my phone, Z’s phone, accuweather, wunderground, are conflicting and we have no idea when to go out and when to stay in (another tropical quirk). I miss predictability!

Phaidon Book log


The debut book from the celebrated, James Beard Award-winning Corey Lee, chef/patron of San Francisco’s Benu and pioneer of modern Asian food
Corey Lee

I first bought Benu for its ridiculously creative cover.

René Redzepi: A Work in Progress
Journal, Recipes and Snapshots
An unprecedented insight into the inner workings of restaurant Noma and its highly creative team of chefs
René Redzepi
I only have the recipe book, not the snapshots or the journal.

The Art of the Restaurateur
Reveals the hidden stories behind some of the world’s best restaurants, which celebrate the complex but unrecognised art of the restaurateur.
Nicholas Lander owned L’Escargot in London in the 1980’s. He is a renowned food columnist for the Financial Times.

The architectural sketches inside are quite beautiful but some have argued that the chef’s profiles are quite meaningless for new/aspiring restaurateurs.


Japan: The Cookbook
The definitive, home cooking recipe collection from one of the most respected and beloved culinary cultures
Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Aska is the debut cookbook from chef Fredrik Berselius, following the reimagining and rebuilding of his two-Michelin-starred restaurant
Fredrik Berselius

Coming from the South
Internationally acclaimed star chef Rodolfo Guzmán of Boragó introduces the exciting world of high-end Chilean gastronomy
Rodolfo Guzmán

Room for Dessert
The definitive guide to perfect pastry from the former elBulli apprentice and his destination restaurant in Bali
Will Goldfarb

Eataly: Contemporary Italian Cooking
The best modern Italian recipes from the largest and most prestigious Italian marketplace in the world

China: The Cookbook
The definitive cookbook bible of the world’s most popular and oldest cuisine
Kei Lum and Diora Fong Chan

omg Restaurant Andre has a book!

The Eight Elements of Restaurant André
The culinary philosophy of premiere chef André Chiang, whose Restaurant André is in the top 50 world’s best restaurants list and is number 5 in Asia’s best restaurants.
André Chiang and Lotta Jörgensen

Not a fan of the font, but apparently all their Italian recipe books have the same Phaidon logo going on.

Puglia is the latest title in the Silver Spoon regional cookbook series, building on the success of Tuscany and Sicily

What to Bake & How to Bake It
The ultimate step-by-step baking book for beginners
Jane Hornby

Thailand: The Cookbook
The definitive book on Thai cuisine, with more than 500 recipes
Jean-Pierre Gabriel

How to Boil an Egg
A collection of simple and nutritious ways to cook and eat eggs from the ever popular Rose Bakery
Rose Bakery

Recipes from the Sea
Fish: Recipes from the Sea is a celebratory collection of more than 200 recipes for cooking with fish and seafood from The Silver Spoon Kitchen
The book cover looks just like pieces from Calder mobiles, in fact, exactly as I would have laser cut them, with the two holes for mounting and balance.

The Art of French Baking
The definitive collection of authentic French pastry and dessert recipes
Ginette Mathiot

Home cooking with Ferran Adrià
The first book of home-cooking recipes by Ferran Adrià, the world’s most influential chef
Ferran Adrià